Off-Grid Living September 2016


In March we moved full time to our off grid cabin on 20 acres in the high desert. The last several months have been go, go, go pretty much non-stop.

Our cabin is still a work in progress. We’re what I call a semi-dry cabin. We don’t have any water coming in, unless we haul […]

Joplin 66 Hostel


In April of this year we needed to make a trip down to where my parents are living to visit and take care of a few business issues. Originally we planned on being down there about a week and a half. A hotel room for that amount of time would be pretty steep. We considered […]

A Season Without Menu Plans

Menu Plan Week of March 31-

I am a huge fan of menu planning. I truly believe that planning a weekly menu is the best way for us to keep our food budget under control. For a long time I posted our menu each week which helped even more with the accountability of sticking to the plan. In my mind […]

My Teeth Haven’t Fallen Apart!


Three years ago I shared my dental woes in, My Teeth are Falling Apart. I had always considered myself fortunate since I’ve only had two cavities.

Over the years my dentists’ have commented how fortunate I was to have so few cavities. That comment is almost always followed by something on the order of “I […]

2016 Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle


Do you ever feel overwhelmed by healthy living?

It’s not that you don’t understand or agree with why it matters. You’re sold on the merits of eating whole foods, raising healthier kids, avoiding toxins and chemicals, getting fit, and using alternative remedies.

But sometimes it’s a whole lot easier to say than […]

Pronghorn and Petroglyphs


Last weekend Joe and I went pronghorn antelope hunting. Well, Joe hunted. I went along for the camping weekend. We met up with our friends who were also hunting and had a great time. Everyone filled their tags so we have the start of some game in the freezer.

We camped for 2 days […]

Returning From An Unplanned Hiatus


At the end of 2007 while awaiting the birth of our sweet little boy I dipped my toe in the online world and started a blog. It began as a place I could share about our little guy — thoughts, feelings, etc and then about him and how he was growing then about our […]

Ready to Start Your Own Business? Here’s Help!

UStartupB_Email_Banner (1)

A few years I ago I took a chance.

I decided that I wanted to start my own work from home business. I was already working from home part-time (as a W-2 employee) and had been looking for other work. When I couldn’t find what I was looking for as a regular employee I […]

Lightning Strikes


It is hot, hot, hot in Wyoming! And along with hot, hot, hot we get dry, dry, dry.

This afternoon we were happy to have a small thunderstorm roll in. Our happiness turned to nervousness when the straight-down lightning started. With one strike we saw the flash and almost immediately heard the boom of […]

Trout Grilled in Parchment

Trout Grilled in Parchment

We’ve been enjoying our beautiful summer with trips to the local lakes and river for fishing. We had a few trout in the freezer and decided to invite a couple of neighbors over for a trout feast.

Our off grid kitchen is perfect for barbecue. In ‘the olden days’ of my fish barbecuing experience […]

Menu Week of April 11, 2016


Hello, Hello!

Spring is definitely here! We had our first baby goats of the year yesterday.

I haven’t seen them live and in person yet since my daughter’s still have the goats at our old house while we get things set up here. Both are males. We have 3 more mama’s that are expecting. […]

Menu Week of April 3, 2016


The last several weeks have been a whirl-wind while we’re settling in to our new home. Settling in might be a bit of a stretch. Since the home isn’t done and there is work to be done on it every day, a good portion of our household items are in a storage unit. We’ve […]

We’ve Gone Off the Grid!


After almost 5 years of planning we’ve officially moved off the grid.

Almost three years ago we picked out our property.

It’s a 20 acre parcel with amazing views. We’re still in Wyoming as evidenced by the lack of trees.

The property was part of a large cattle ranch that was divided in […]

Menu Week of February 8, 2016

Almond Meal Pudding

Hello from Texas!

We are so happy to have a few days to rest and recuperate enjoying each other’s company before heading west. We’ve had a nice visit with some friends who live part of the year in Wyoming near where we are building our cabin. We were pretty excited to find out they live […]

Menu Week of February 1, 2016


I often find myself singing or humming part of a tune that fits the circumstances. We’ve been in Oklahoma for the last several months and many times the song “Oklahoma!” comes out of my mouth. My husband is often singing “You’re the Reason God Made Oklahoma” or “Living on Tulsa Time“.

This week the […]

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