Stocking the Real Food Pantry

This is an exciting season for my husband. It is hunting season. One of the reasons we moved to Wyoming 3 years ago was for the hunting opportunities. My husband, with the help of our 17 year old (Kiki), makes it his goal each year to fill our chest freezer with antelope and venison. This […]

Money v. Time: The End

Wrap Up!

Money v. Time has now concluded. This was the most recent installment of the series Someone Else’s Shoes. While this experience was slightly different than usual since for the Money part of the experience we used my family’s actual food budget and the way we really shop. Be sure to check out the […]

Wyoming Herdshares in Jeopardy- We Need Your Help!

I received word late Friday night that the Wyoming Department of Agriculture is attempting to prohibit cow and goat shares in Wyoming. They are attempting to add rules and regulations which have the effect of law unless we stop them.


A Weston A. Price Chapter Leader here in Wyoming discovered this proposed rule change […]

Making the Most of a Small Space Garden

Last week I shared pictures of our land, mostly in its bare state, from when we first moved here. We have 2 acres in Central Wyoming. We’ve had plenty of challenges since moving here in the area of gardening and homesteading. I was relating my tales of woe in one of my newsletters. Many people […]