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With winter finally loosening its grip on Wyoming, I’m anxious to work in the garden. One of the earliest crops we plant are carrots. With our last frost around the end of May, carrots can be planted four or five weeks prior. While they won’t be ready to harvest for a couple of months, I’m already planning great carrot recipes to enjoy.

17 Mouthwatering Carrot Recipes

With carrots being easily purchased year-round, it’s not even necessary to wait until harvest time to try these recipes. Carrots are something we almost always have in the fridge at my house. Plus, when I get a good harvest or find a smoking hot deal on them, I dehydrate them to have a shelf-stable option. Many of these carrot recipes, such as Creamy Carrot and Apple Soup, work great using dehydrated and reconstituted carrots.


17 Mouthwatering Carrot Recipes


Carrot Soup Recipes


Carrot Soup Recipes


Mouthwatering Carrot Recipes


Carrot Side Dish Recipes



Main Dishes


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