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June was all about baby poultry. The chickens and ducks that were born in May are growing up fast and any day now will be put in the big house with the full grown birds.

Early in June our broody hen had her chicks. She actually hatched all six eggs she was setting on but one of the babes died a few days later. Here she is with her five and they are already getting quite big. Mama is part Bantam.

We had a second hen go broody. She hatched five just a few days ago. She was not at all happy about getting her babies picture taken and took them to the back of the house. Out of the dozen or so shots this was the best. Mama is a Bantam. I’m really loving our Bantams. They are such good mamas. The 5th chick not in this picture is another black one. I have to admit, the grey one is my favorite. It’s adorable.

We’re expecting goat babies soon. Two of our mamas are getting quite plump. This is a picture that I love of Sheba. She was born at the end of September 2013 so is still quite young. As you can tell by the grass hanging out of her mouth she was very much enjoying her browsing time.

Joe and I are taking a Permaculture Design Course. Joe’s taking it for certification to be a designer and I’m taking it for the knowledge. One of Joe’s projects right now is an 18 day compost pile using the Berkley method. He’s terribly excited about it. 😉 I think he only has a few days left until it’s ‘done’.

Our garden is struggling. We decided to go light on on the plantings this year since we’ll be very busy with building the cabin at the new place (construction starts July 11!) and I have my usual week of working in Oregon during the month of July. Our salad greens are doing well as are the potatoes and peas. The tomatoes I started from seed and we put out did not do well. We had a heavy rain that wiped them out. My dreams of canning lots of tomatoes for my pantry are gone. Here’s a photo of the potatoes. They are growing so fast Joe needs to cover them again.

A few of the raspberry bushes I planted last year came back and look good. I don’t think we’ll get berries off of them this year but maybe.

What’s happening at your place? Garden? Animals? Anything new and exciting?

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