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Spring took a long time getting here this year! We even had a snow storm on Mother’s Day. Lots of fun things happening on our place.  Kiki put the incubator to work to get us some ducks and chickens. Unfortunately, we didn’t have very good hatching and ended up with only 2 ducks and 3 chicks.

We also have a hen that’s broody. She has about another week of setting and then we should see some baby chicks.

Our baby goats are about six weeks old. They are super cute!

Their names are Praline, Vanilla Bean and Freddie. Freddie was castrated last week making him a wether. We plan to keep him in our herd and have started looking for homes for another wether we have along with one of our doelings. I’d love to keep them all but that’s not possible. We’ll be having more babies over the summer. Trying to decide who to keep is a challenge. Using the wethers for food is something else we are wanting to do but it’s not something we’re ready to take on living here. When the weather permits we let the goats (does and babies, not the buck) out for a while in afternoon or early evening. They love it and it helps keep the grass down. We also use our goat tractor for specific areas we need them to “mow” down.

Our garden is still a long way off. We do have greens, potatoes and other basics planted. I was able to get some greens to add to a salad from something that came up as a volunteer but nothing much yet. These plants will be going out in the next few days. We have tomatoes, peppers, broccoli, cabbage and melon. The tomatoes are doing great but my cat ate some of the other stuff thinking it was a salad just for her. Silly cat.

What’s happening at your place? Garden? Animals? Anything new and exciting?

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