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Budget-friendly, low in calories, yet high in nutrition—you’ll love this collection of lentil recipes! Lentils are my favorite, most versatile legume. The unassuming little gem can be transformed into a variety of tasty dishes with the addition of simple spices or by changing your preparation method. Lentils also make a fabulous addition to your pantry and food storage. Especially when you have a variety of lentil recipes on hand!

20 Lentil Recipes Your Whole Family Will Love

Lentils are a pulse or legume, a type of seed that grows in a pod, and is often called a bean. Lentils are an excellent source of plant-based protein, fiber, and folate. There are many types of lentils, but I tend to concentrate on brown lentils—the least expensive and most available option in my area.

When properly cooked or sprouted, brown lentils hold their texture well and make a passable substitution for beef. Red lentils are a faster cooking variety but tend to fall apart easily. Green or French lentils have a wonderful nutty flavor and hold up well when cooking. Many people prefer these for salads.

Lentils are not only terrific when cooked, and take little time compared to hard beans, but they’re also fabulous sprouted. If you’re new to lentils, give them a try! You just may love them as much as I do.


20 Lentil Recipes Your Whole Family Will Love





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