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Loaded with nutrients, pinto beans are the most popular dried bean in the US. And why wouldn’t they be? Simple to prepare with an earthy, almost nutty flavor, they are part of many delicious dishes. You can’t go wrong with adding these pinto bean recipes to your menu plan!

20 Pinto Bean Recipes You Must Try


When I was a child, my mom cooked a big batch of pinto beans almost every Friday. We’d enjoy the beans with cornbread on Friday night, then continue eating them through the weekend. On Sunday evening, the remaining beans were used to make a pot of chili. Yum!

I often follow in her footsteps, making my own pot of beans and stretching it into several meals. Be sure to check out my book Stretchy Beans for more on this concept of cooking once and eating several times. Not only pinto beans work for this, but just about any bean or legume.

Even though I cook with many different varieties of beans and legumes, pinto beans remain my favorite (followed closely by lentils). Their versatility, as evidenced by the pinto bean recipes, combined with their amazing nutritional profile, make them a must-have for any budget-wise kitchen.


How to Cook Pinto Beans

Dry pinto beans are so simple to make! Just sort, soak, and cook with your favorite method. Get step-by-step directions here for cooking beans in the instant pot, slow cooker, on the stovetop, or by using several alternative/electricity-free methods.


20 Pinto Bean Recipes You Have to Try


Pinto Bean Soups and Salads


Pinto Bean Side Dishes


Pinto Bean Main Dishes


Want to Become a Pro at Cooking Delicious, Affordable Bean Recipes?

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What are your favorite pinto bean recipes? Leave a comment below!

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