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In this post I want to share a few of the things we’ll be working on here on our two acres and also on our new 20 acres.

The 20 acres is pretty much bare ground (we built a small shack to camp in when we go up) so the project list is very long. Eventually we’ll move up there and would like to have things somewhat set up by that time. The picture above was taken at the top west side of the property. It captures most of the property and the view to the east. The little dot in the middle is where we built our shack.

We’ve lived on our two acres for over 4 1/2 years. Funny thing, when we bought this land and first moved here we had very little ambition to do much with it. We planned for a few chickens and a small garden. The thing that really drew us to the property was the view. The picture above was taken during winter and doesn’t really do the view justice. We can see Casper Mountain and the town. At night it is spectacular. We are on a bit of a hill which is great for the view but bad for the wind.  As time went on we decided we needed to make the most of what we have. Not having a plan in place from the beginning has added a few challenges now and has required us to do some rearranging. For that reason, we are spending quite a bit of time on the planning phase for our new place and hope not to rush through things.

Our two acre project list also includes some interior work since we one of the things we’re doing is to get our place prepared to either rent out or sell when we’re ready to move. The outdoor work for the two acres is mostly geared toward resell but some things are to help with our animals comfort and our current needs.   Our 20 acre project list includes temporary housing plus putting basic infrastructure in place. And I should mention that all of our projects will be done with cash since we do not want to add any new debt.


2 Acre Projects


  • Enlarge doe pen
  • Make additional goat tractors
  • Replace original fencing around garden
  • Set up wind break around garden
  • Continue to work on improving pasture area through reseeding, cover crops and organic matter


  • Finish kitchen redo
  • Paint living room, master bedroom and master bathroom


20 Acre Projects

  • Figure out the layout for our land focusing on a productive homestead
  • Insulate and improve shack to make suitable for cold weather stays
  • Dig/build root cellar
  • Begin planning and building water retention/harvesting systems (swales, ponds, etc)
  • Improve pasture area through reseeding, cover crops and organic matter
  • Move small pre-built cabin onto land to convert to temporary housing when we move up there (this might be a 2015 project)

Along with the main projects, there are always lots of little projects that go along. These things should definitely keep us busy! Working on the new property is a bit of a challenge since it is just over four hours from here. We don’t get up there as often as we’d like. We do plan to spend ‘vacation’ working up there next summer.

What projects do you have planned for your place in 2014?

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