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Food is certainly an integral part of my family holiday celebrations. From the traditional Thanksgiving turkey to the Christmas ham or roast, a hefty helping of meat is often expected. But what I really love, and look forward to, are the sides. That’s why I’m super excited to share this fantastic collection of side dish recipes!

29 Healthy Holiday Side Dish Recipes

Many of my favorite side dish recipes are things from my childhood. Even though our day-to-day fare was simple, my mom went over the top for Thanksgiving and Christmas, beginning her baking and cooking several days in advance and creating an amazing spread.

Admittedly, my holiday meals are much simpler, and rarely do I spend days in the kitchen, but the sides are still fabulous. And these days, I try to focus on healthy ingredients. That said, I do still have a few favorites from my childhood that I can’t pass up! I’ve even reworked some of the recipes my mom used to make to better fit our traditional foods lifestyle. A total win!


29 Healthy Holiday Side Dish Recipes





Veggie & Potato Dishes


Fruit Dishes


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