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I live in a very vibrant community with plenty of get-togethers at private homes, the community center, or the neighborhood church. Many of these are planned in advance, or regularly scheduled, but there are plenty of day-before or same-day gatherings too. Living about forty-five minutes from the nearest store makes popping out to grab a dish to take challenging. Last-minute potluck recipes to the rescue! These 30 dishes are easy to prepare and begin with common fridge, freezer, and/or pantry fare.

30 Last-Minute Potluck Recipes

Not only do these potluck recipes contain no-need-to-run-to-the-store specialty ingredients, but many of them go together in minutes. Some, like homemade breads, take a little planning ahead but always make a great impression. There’s something special about taking a loaf of rustic or artisan bread to a gathering!


30 Last-Minute Potluck Recipes







Side Dishes




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