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Breakfast is often called “the most important meal of the day.” It may also be the most skipped meal. No more! With these hot and easy breakfast recipes, you’ll be able to fuel up in record time.

35 Hot and Easy Breakfast Recipes

February is National Hot Breakfast Month, making it a great time to try a few new recipes. Many of the recipes I share can even be made in advance and reheated in minutes. And be sure to check out the overnight casserole and steal oats recipes—a hot breakfast can be waiting when you wake up, thanks to your slow cooker.

There are no rules that these delicious easy breakfast recipes have to be eaten in the morning. We love breakfast for dinner!

35 Hot and Easy Breakfast Recipes


35 Hot & Easy Breakfast Recipes

Breakfast Casseroles

Eggs in Marinara


Skillet Dishes

Creamy Rice


Oatmeal and Rice

35 Christmas Breakfast Ideas




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