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For the past several months I’ve been involved, behind the scenes, in an amazing project. My friend Wardee from GNOWFGLINS put together the Ultimate Survival Bundle.  My behind the scenes involvement allowed me a sneak peek at all of the amazing resources Wardee was compiling for the bundle. To say I was in awe at the items she picked for the bundle would be an understatement. It was so exciting to see it all come together and I was very anxious for the time that it actually went live.

The bundle did go live last Monday and while I intended to let you know about it in detail then, I’ve been delayed. I’m still behind the scenes of this bundle helping out with customer service and other things so it has been a busy week. But the bundle ends TOMORROW so I knew I had to get this message out to you.  This bundle is amazing and the interest has been huge. I’m finally taking a few minutes this morning to tell you about 5 of my favorite resources from the bundle.

While I’m only sharing 5, the bundle comes with a total of 46 different items; eBooks, videos and audio files. All (except two) are downloadable to your computer and can then be placed on the device of your choice. You can store them on an 8GM flash drive to access whenever, or the books can be transferred to your kindle or other mobile device.  One that is not downloadable is an Instant Master Gardener from Marjory Wildcraft. This is an online gardening class and in 5 minutes each day, for a week, you’ll learn the secrets to master gardening and increased yield (retails at $27).  The second is a 1-year premium membership from PREPARE Magazine (retails at $34.97). I am also an affiliate for the Ultimate Survival Bundle. The entire 46 item bundle is selling for only $29! You can see everything included in the bundle here.

Now on to my 5

family-preparedness-handbook-softcover (1)Making the Best of Basics: Family Preparedness eBook by James Stevens aka Doctor Prepper

I became aware of this book a few years ago. It was on my list of books to purchase so I was super excited to see it included in the Ultimate Survival Bundle.

This book is over 500 pages of everything preparedness! I love how practical this book is and how it really hits home that all of us should focus on being prepared and that most of us already do these simple things of preparedness in our every day life. People interested in preparedness are often referred to as Preppers and sometimes considere ‘odd’.  This quote in the book is a huge eye opener what really constitutes a Prepper.

“You, too, are a Prepper if you do any of the following:

  • Save money—in a sock or a bank account;
  • Buy new tires before the ones on your vehicle are bald;
  • Buy two pairs of shoes when they are on sale at ½ price;
  • Have a retirement account;
  • Advance your education;
  • Work hard to gain a raise or to be able to climb the corporate ladder; or
  • Eat healthily and exercise regularly

There are probably hundreds of things people do to qualify them as Preppers. Recognize that in some or in even many aspects of your life, you already have experience in being prepared.”


I will admit that some of the pantry choices don’t fit with our real food style of eating but the information is still wonderful and this book is so much more than simply stocking the pantry. I do love his quote “Don’t get caught with your pantry down” though. 🙂 This eBook is really about instituting a preparedness lifestyle. Each family is vulnerable to some of risk to disaster and this book was written to help you become prepared through lifestyle changes. This book retails at $39.95 which is more than the cost of the entire bundle!



North American Foraging Guide eBook by Judy Pilawa

I’ve mentioned several time on here how we are learning foraging. This eBook is a very straight forward guide to learning about edible plants and gives lots of safety tips. There are over 300 plants listed in the book and detailed information on 50 of these. This is most certainly a reference book. I love how simply everything is laid out. There are also maps showing where plants are likely to grow (these are very general maps but still quite helpful) and a calender of when plants are harvest-able in various stages. There is also information on preparing different foraged items.  I am very excited about this resource! This book retails at $7.50 and is included in the bundle.



Sunshine to Dollars by Steven E. Harris

This book was a surprise! I was expecting a nice little book on solar power. Instead this book takes us through how to set up numerous solar systems for little to no cost. The author got 85 solar panels for free and shares exactly how he did that. He also covers making solar ovens, solar hot water heaters, cheap solar window heater (this was very interesting). There is also a section on new construction which goes over how to supplementing a house with available sunshine is a very economical proposition. If you are looking for economical ways to implement solar energy into your life, this book is for you.  Retail value $19.95, included in bundle.




Daybed 6″ Rocket Mass Heater Plan eBook and Rocket Mass Heater Operation and Maintenance Manual eBook by Ernie and Erica Wisner

Are you familiar with rocket mass heaters? I’m only learning the benefits of them. Here is a quote from Daybed 6″ Rocket Mass Heater Plan eBook sharing the benefits of rocket mass heaters. ‘

“Wood grows in most climates but not infinitely fast. It’s important to use biofuels cleanly and efficiently. Rocket mass heaters use something like 1/4 to 1/10 the wood fuel of other typical heating methods, and put out almost no smoke of any kind.”

While we do have trees in Wyoming there are not many where I live (essentially on the prairie).  The suggestions in these books are great for anyone wanting to use less wood for fuel. The Daybed book states that these plans were originally part of a shed makeover to create a welcoming, fun and creative space. The heated daybed was a part of this project.  The photo below shows this fun and useful project.


I highly recommend these ebooks! The Daybed book retails for $20 and the Operation and Maintenance eBook retails for $3, both included in the bundle.

 Companion Planting eBook by Julie Turner

“Companion planting has been practiced by generations of gardeners throughout the ages. Over this time gardeners have noticed that some plants performed well next to certain and poorly next to others. Most gardeners not only love to share information, but for centuries it was a matter of survival, so their knowledge has been handed down through gardening folk lore and tradition.”

Julie Turner takes you through common fruits, vegetables and herbs indicating companion plants that benefit. For example, planting garlic near stone fruit trees helps prevent diseases affecting these trees. This book is very straight forward and easy to understand. She also includes a guide with suggestions of how much to plant of certain things.  This book retails for $19 but is part of the bundle, above quote from the book.


What do you think? Pretty amazing resources, huh? And remember I’m only highlighting a few of the 46 resources in the Ultimate Survival Bundle. There are many more! The 5 I’ve highlighted retail for over $109 making those alone well worth the $29. 

The entire bundle contains all 46 resources covering many topics; total preparedness, survival basics, homesteading, gardening and livestock, food cookery, preservation, and storage, energy, lawful government, civic responsibilities, sustainable economy, first aid and natural health, and security.
This is a deal too good to pass up! AND purchasers also get a free bonus: An 11-in-1 survival tool shipped to you in a few weeks (sorry, US only).


When you purchase through my unique link, I’m also throwing in an extra eGuide. Stock the Real Food Pantry- Second Edition. This is the expanded (almost double in length) version of my original Pantry eGuide. It will help you stock your pantry with real food options and take you beyond pantry stocking to preparedness concepts involving food preparation, raising your own food, and much more. It is not currently available for sale but when it is, it will retail for $7.95 (55 pages).  Please contact me via email after you make your purchase of the Ultimate Survival Bundle so I can get your free eBook to you.
When you get your amazing bundle, I’d love to hear what you think!



Why is preparedness important to us? Read one reason here.

I’m passionate about the resources and message in this bundle and am honored to be involved.  I’m also an affiliate for Ultimate Survival Bundle. If you make a purchase that originated through one of my links, I will receive a commission. Thank you!

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