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I thought I’d do something a bit different this week. Instead of posting my Menu Plan, I’ll tell you what we’ve eaten after the fact. Why you ask? Because I’ve been super unorganized and haven’t really put together a menu plan for the week. And I’m feeling mostly okay with that- not completely okay but mostly. If I think about not having a plan in place for to long I feel a cold sweat coming on but I’m ignoring that.

So today is Tuesday. I’ll catch you up on what we’ve had since Sunday.

Breakfast- Fried eggs and bread
Lunch- Cheese, bread, and some kind of thing that resembled a rolled up taco that we got at Loaf n’Jug
Dinner- Out to all you can eat Chinese as sort of a celebration for Rico’s birthday

Breakfast- Antelope Steak and eggs
Christopher’s First Lunch- Bread, cheese slices, and pear slices (this is really his snack that he has before his nap)
Lunch- Nothing formal. Lulu made herself some fried rice, Christopher and I had hamburger patties and Sierra must have picked up something in town since I never saw her eat. Joe and Kiki both ate at school (Joe said he had nachos and he loved them). I have no idea what Rico ate (or if he ate).
Dinner- Fried potatoes and ground beef with lacto-fermented salsa or Cortido (or both) and biscuits with nectarine butter

Breakfast- Antelope Steak and biscuits
Christopher’s First Lunch- Egg and Biscuit with Pear Butter
Lunch- Sourdough Crepes (this weeks lesson from the GNOWFGLINS Sourdough eCourse) filled with thin sliced elk steak and cream cheese (plus kimchi on mine) for Lulu, Christopher and me. Sierra had hers with peanut butter and cream cheese. Once again Joe and Kiki ate at school and Rico is unknown.

The antelope steak for breakfast has been a nice treat. We are adding two antelope to our freezer thanks to Joe and Kiki (this was Kiki’s first time to hunt, she did wonderful!) and Joe has been cutting off some steaks each morning while he is getting the meat packaged up for the freezer. Antelope are not very big and since these were doe antelope they are really not very big but each one should be about 30-35 pounds once boned out. I do have Joe save the bones for me separately for making broth/soup/stew. We very much like the flavor of antelope. It is different than deer or elk, definitely it’s own flavor.

So there you have it up to now. I’ll try to check in tomorrow with the latest food consumption. I will also be wrapping up the food spending for the month of September in the next day or so. I’d like to tell you that I came in under budget for the month but if you look at our dinner on Sunday night, it might give you a hint that I didn’t. Oh well…

I’m looking for some quick and easy real food meal ideas. Something that can be partly (or totally) made ahead would be great or even better a last minute idea that I could have ready to eat in 15-30 minutes. Suggestions?

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