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Well… We are coming up to the end of our spending month and have definitely came to end the end of our grocery budget in fact we are now a smidgen over. Our budget for the month was $550 and as of August 11 we had spent $539.94 of that amount leaving a whopping $10.06 available.

On Friday I made a quick stop at the grocery store picking up butter, ice cream, lettuce, mushrooms and grapes for a total of $14.94. On Saturday Joe, Christopher and I went to Subway and spent $12.86. For a new spending total of $567.74 over budget by $17.74 and still a week left of this budget time. We are still adjusting to having two additonal people (my oldest daughter and her SO) so I expected to be a bit over.

In a few days this month will be wrapped up and I can start fresh. I suspect I’ll spend a bit more so I’ll post again if that does happen.

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