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Butterscotch Oatmeal
Butterscotch Oatmeal

I’ve been working on a 13 Week Rotating Menu Plan for our dinners. My goal for this is to make things easier for me at meal planning time and also to be able to have a nice storage of foods on hand. In essence, our own ‘store’ so to speak.

Our weekday breakfast’s are pretty simple. Truth be told, I am not functioning at my finest in the mornings and more often than not my sweet husband puts breakfast together. Our morning’s start fairly early with Kiki and Lulu needing to leave the house shortly after 7. I used to plan breakfasts and actually started to add them into my Rotating Menu Plan but decided that just didn’t work for us.

What does work for us is a Breakfast Plan List.

A Breakfast Plan List is a list of breakfast foods that I have written in my meal planning notebook. I used to look at the list when I was planning my menu and write down a different breakfast for each morning. Then I got even lazier more creative and stopped writing my breakfasts out on the menu plan, instead the night before I’ll decide on something from my list.

Sunday’s are my most time consuming breakfast day and that breakfast will often be later in the day with a ‘snack’ earlier for anyone hungry. Monday through Friday is always very simple and something that Joe can make (he makes terrific eggs). Saturday I often do a make ahead breakfast.

I have my list divided into sections; Hot Cereal, Cold Cereal (no, not from a box), Quick and Easy Miscellaneous, Make Ahead and Not So Quick and Easy.


Butterscotch Rice
Butterscotch Rice

Hot Cereal

Cold Cereal

  • Muesli
  • Granola (I’m still working on ‘perfecting’ this)
  • Homemade cold cereal (another one that I’m working on perfecting)

Quick and Easy Miscellaneous

  • Yogurt or Kefir Parfait
  • Scrambled or Fried Eggs and Toast (homemade, usually sourdough-this is our most common weekday breakfast)
  • Smoothie of some sort
  • Eggs poached in broth


Simple Muffins
Simple Muffins

Make Ahead

  • Muffins or Breakfast Cake (same recipe for cake just cooked in a pan)
  • Creme Brulee French Toast (I alter this recipe a bit to make it work for us)
  • Strata
  • Baked Oatmeal (either this recipe or this one)
  • Quiche (with or without a crust)
  • Cinnamon Rolls
  • Hot cereal made in the crock pot– something like this
  • Crock-pot breakfast soup
  • Cold Custard
Waffles with Homemade Buttermilk Syrup
Waffles with Buttermilk Syrup

Not So Quick and Easy

  • Sourdough Pancakes (Easy to make, but time consuming to cook)
  • Sourdough Waffles (Easy to make, but time consuming to cook)
  • Crepes (Easy to make, but time consuming to cook)
  • Fried Mush (Easy to make, very inexpensive, but takes a little time to cook)
  • Omelets, Fritatta or Clafouti
  • Country Breakfast (this would be fried potatoes, biscuits and eggs or something similar)
  • German Pancake or Dutch Baby
  • Stove-top breakfast soup– this is actually pretty easy if you don’t mind chopping veggies in the morning (sometimes I’m organized and do them the night before) but it takes a little bit of cooking time.
  • Warm Custard
  • Clafouti (super easy to make, just have to wait for it to bake)


We do a few have a few other things sometimes for breakfast or I’ll try a special recipe that I find but for the most part I just refer back to this list.


Find more breakfast recipes on my Recipe Page.

What does your family enjoy for breakfast? Do you have a favorite that tends to repeat or do often try new things?

Millie Copper
Millie Copper is a Wyoming wife and mama. After reading Nourishing Traditions in early 2009, her family began transforming their diet to whole, unprocessed, nutrient dense foods—a little at a time while stretching their food dollars. Millie is passionate to share how, with a little creativity, anyone can transition to a real foods diet without overwhelming their food budget. Millie began blogging in late 2009 and has amassed a collection of frugal recipes and methods. Her specialties include cooking with wild game and creating “Stretchy Beans”. Discovering a love of writing, she has penned four books focusing on healthy eating on a budget and is trying her hand at fiction writing. Learn more at


  1. Mommy Set Free


    This is a great list of breakfast goodies! I would love it if you post it on the Prep Day Linky. You have so much to offer, I would love people to see what you are posting each week. Please consider it.

    Much Love, p

  2. Tiff :o)

    >You have quite the collection of ideas. Mine are boring. I am rushed in the morning. I have 4 dogs and I have to get them fed, take them out to do their chores and get myself ready for work. I don't have a microwave so zapping oatmeal while I prepare the dogs' food is out. But, just a couple of weeks ago, I found a recipe for Kishk in NT. I made that and have been eating that for breakfast ever since. I'm on my second batch and this one, I didn't dehydrate. I read that traditionally, it was left to ferment for 9 days so I am just leaving it out to ferment further. It stays soft and only takes a couple minutes to heat up with some milk in a pot. Then, I throw in a bit of frozen blueberries. Yum! On the weekends, I generally fry up a couple of eggs and eat them with sprouts on a piece of toast with a piece of fruit on the side. I have a batch of ketchup fermenting that I hope to be able to use on the egg soon.

  3. Millie

    I thought about trying the Kishk but the recipe itself didn't sound very appealing. Maybe I'll give it a go anyway and see how it is. So instead of dehydrating it, do you just leave it on the counter or in the fridge and use what you want from it each day?

  4. Tiff :o)

    >Just tried the egg sandwich with the ketchup. Yummy. It is not sweet like store bought ketchup which is something I've never been fond of so it is perfect for me.

    I've just been leaving it on the counter and taking what I want from it each morning but I'm about to move it into the fridge so it doesn't get anymore sour. I don't see any reason to waste energy on drying it out when I want to eat it soft anyway. I only make half batches so it won't go bad before I get to finish it off anyway.

  5. Millie

    I think I'll give it a dry doing it your way. Thanks!

    For some reason your comment was in the spam folder and I just found it.
    I'll be sure to add this to your linky for next week or whenever the theme is right. Thanks for the invite!

  6. rjcmj

    >You are such a wonderful mom! My kiddos get cereal most mornings. I want to you to know how much I enjoy prep each week. I copy and paste the recipes into word format then save them all in a folder so I have them all to use. Thank you so much!
    Blessings in Yeshua HaMashiach,

  7. Millie

    >Thank you Joycelyn.
    My husband actually pushed me to eliminate cold cereal and he is great about helping get breakfast for the kids as long as I have the components of it ready (oats soaked, bread made, etc) which helps me so much.

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