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We spent the weekend up at our property with our builders. We’re super excited about the progress that was made. When we left last weekend the cement piers and first beams were in place from the builder’s first visit in July.

After a few hours of work this weekend things really started to change.

Joe tried to help with the building but lots of it was intricate work that he couldn’t do. He was available for the heavy lifting and posing for photos.

My contribution to the building project was using a chisel and mallet to remove chunks of wood from the floor beams. I got a little too close to the saw a few times and had a sawdust shower. That is not comfortable!

The pieces needed to be hand chiseled to fit properly. This was a job for the professional.

Christopher was put to work picking up chunks of wood debris. He filled the 5 gallon bucket with them and then dumped the pieces near the fire pit.

Here are the floor beams all chiseled out to fit.

A few of the beams had to be drilled to fit around the bolts that hold everything together.


Before we left it was to the point of being ready for the floor to be installed.


The builders are continuing on and as of today the floor is in and they were starting the bottom row of logs. We’ve finalized where the doors and windows will go. They’ll keep working this week and then go get the final load of logs. We’re back up there in a couple of weeks and it should be close to finished then. It’s very exciting!

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