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The last few months have been terribly busy with our personal lives and my work schedule. It’s become even busier the past few weeks when my daughter and her fiance changed their wedding date from June of 2015 to Thanksgiving weekend of this year. 🙂 We’re super excited about the wedding but helping her coordinate things is turning into a part time job. As a result, I need to officially take a break from my blog. I plan to come back after the wedding festivities.

During this time you’ll be able to visit Simple Lives Thursday on my co-host’s blogs.
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I do want to share the pictures of our finished cabin shell. We’ll be finishing up the inside over time. I don’t have any interior photos yet. Right now it’s just a big room with a super high ceiling and support beams. Eventually we’ll have 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, utility room, living room and kitchen on the main level. Upstairs will be the master bedroom, bathroom, storage area and a loft/sitting area.  We also plan to add an entry room on the front (think mud room) to help with keeping some of the cold out during the winter but that will be down the road.

cabin done 2 resized

This is the main entry. The window on the left is for the living room. To the right of the entry door is the kitchen area. We’ll have a wood stove there which is why there are not any windows. Upstairs will be a loft/sitting area.

cabin done 1 resized


This is the back of the house. It’s the south facing side so we tried to put extra windows in to help with passive solar heating. The window on the right is for the living room. The far left is for Christopher’s bedroom. The small window will be at the base of the staircase.

cabin done resized

These windows on the west side all go to bedrooms. The one on the lower right is Christopher’s room and the left is the guest room. Upstairs is the Master.  I don’t have a photo showing the north side very well but you can get a glimpse of it in this photo. The guest room has a second window and there are two windows for the kitchen on this side.

We’re very excited about the way the cabin has turned out. Once I’m back, after the wedding, I plan to have some pictures showing the amazing detail of our cabin. It is absolutely beyond amazing. I’ll have wedding pictures to share then too! 🙂

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