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Oh, my! This creamy rice is quickly becoming my favorite breakfast. It’s warm and nourishing, plus goes together quickly for a hot breakfast on busy mornings.

If you’re adding collagen, gelatin, or whey to your food storage, this is a great recipe for using those items while enjoying a protein-rich breakfast. Remember: Eat what you store. Store what you eat.

You could leave out the collagen, gelatin, and whey if desired (or just use one or two instead of all three). It’s still delicious, especially with the coconut oil drizzle at the end.

Creamy Rice

Creamy Rice

Modified from a recipe in the Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook. Makes 4 average-size servings.

  • 3 cups leftover cooked rice (soaked brown is my favorite, and THM approved, but white, jasmine, or basmati are also tasty)
  • 1/2 cup whey powder
  • 4 cups boiling water, divided
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon or nutmeg (or both)
  • 1/2 teaspoon powdered ginger
  • 1/4 cup collagen
  • 1 tablespoon unflavored gelatin
  • 1/8 teaspoon pure stevia powder or a couple of drops of liquid stevia if on THM. Or use your favorite sweetener to taste.
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1/2 teaspoon butter extract
  • 2 small apples, diced, or 2 fresh bananas, sliced.*
  • 4 teaspoons coconut oil, MCT oil, butter, or ghee

Put the rice in a large stockpot and top with the whey powder. Top with extracts and fruit slices. Mix together.

Measure out 1/2 cup of the boiling water. Set aside.

In a separate bowl, combine spices, collagen, gelatin, and dry sweetener (if using liquid stevia, you’ll add it in the next step). Combine to mix.

Add a small amount of the remaining boiling water to the collagen mixture, then stir with a fork or whisk to combine, trying to eliminate as many of the clumps that may occur as possible. Add a little more water. Once it’s well blended, add the extracts and liquid sweetener (if using). Give another stir then add to the rice. Pour the remaining boiling water over the rice mixture (minus the 1/2 cup set aside). Stir to combine and then heat on low, stirring often.

You want to warm this up a little more but without bringing it to a boil. Depending on how sticky your rice was to begin with, you may need to add a little extra water to get a porridge-like consistency.

While the rice heats, add the coconut oil to the reserved 1/2 cup of boiling water, stirring to melt.

When the rice is warm and ready, divide into bowls. Top with 1/4 portion of the water/coconut mixture, drizzling over each bowl. The combo of the water and coconut enhances the creamy quality, adding to the scrumptiousness. You can increase the creaminess with milk or cream as desired.


Trim Healthy Mama

Several months ago, I started following the Trim Healthy Mama style of eating. THM has been a hugely popular way of not only losing weight but balancing hormones. As my age increases, so does my waistline. Finding a way to keep the weight off and feel good has been a challenge. I tried eliminating complete food groups, and that works for a short time, but then life happened.

One of the great things about Trim Healthy Mama is inclusion of fats and carbs, just not in the same meal. I know, I know…it sounds confusing. But reading the Trim Healthy Mama Plan by Pearl Barrett and Serene Allison helps it all make sense. Meals are classified by their type of fuel. If the meal is heavy in fats, it’s a Satisfying (or S) meal. If it’s heavy in slow, healthy carbs it’s an Energizing (or E) meal. For the info in a nutshell, check out this post.

This delicious creamy rice is one of my current favorite Energizing breakfasts. It’s lush and creamy and feels just a little bit naughty instead of healthy.

*You can use dehydrated apples in this recipe. Rehydrate by putting in water the night before. You want about 1 to 1 1/2 cups of rehydrated apple. Frozen and defrosted apples also work as do frozen berries. Or you can use a small amount of raisins or other dried fruit. Go easy on dried fruit if following THM; they are a concentrated form of sugar.

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