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>This is the final recap of food purchased (or otherwise acquired) for the month of December. The previous total spent was $460.66 (week 1, week 2, week 3, week 4). We didn’t need very much this week.

We are increasing our cow share so we can get 2 gallons a week. I paid half of a cow share this past week (and will pay two full shares next time) for $13.50. Only one store stop this week for olive oil, store milk, and onions for a total of $14.47 and we picked up Subway one night (when our power was out) for $22.05. I did not acquire any ‘free’ food this week.

Our total for the month was $510.68 for two adults, two teen girls and one baby full time plus 2 additional adults who eat with us about 50% of the time (my daughter and her husband are staying with us. They buy some food for themselves to eat when they do not want what I’m making and also for their own lunches).

Keeping track of our purchases this last month, I noticed quite a few areas for improvement which we plan to work on in the coming year as our budget allows. Something I’m excited about is Cooking Traditional Foods forum is doing a series called “Baby Steppin’ to Traditional Foods”. Each month KerryAnn will list 2-4 things to help with switching over to a traditional way of eating. I plan on following along and filling in any gaps that we might have.

Some food related goals that we would like to accomplish for 2010:

  • Cut down on sweets. I’m all for the occasional treat but we have a habit of going overboard. Our goal is to plan one ‘dessert’ a week for now and hopefully cut down from that (the dessert will not be made from refined white sugar).
  • Eat more wild game that we process ourselves (this will involve adding a few kitchen tools such as a grinder and maybe a smoker).
  • Increase my chicken flock so we can meet all of our egg needs (right now we have 5 hens and a rooster. You can read about my chickens at my family blog).
  • Have a garden. We tried one when we moved here in May but did not have good results (I harvested 4 radishes and 2 handful of collard greens). Now that I have been composting and we have a few other soil (sand) amendment plans I think we will do better.
  • Eat food that gives us the most nutritional bang for our buck. This will probably mean adding more organ meats and creative use of bone broth.
  • Daily fermented cod liver/butter oil. We buy it but I sometimes forget to dish it out. Right now we have it 3 or 4 times a week.
  • Joe and I would like to continue with the weight loss that we have started. Joe tells me he wants to lose another 30 pounds over the next year. I would like to lose 15 (okay, I’d really like to lose 30 too but I’d be happy with 15).

I hope you will join me in 2010 on this continuing mission to incorporate more nutrient dense, real foods on a budget.

Do you have food related goals for 2010?

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