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I’ve added to our food spending for the month of December. The picture below shows some of the items from one store stop. I actually forgot to get a picture until everything was already put away so I grabbed out what I could remember. Total spent that day was $30.63 that wasn’t all for the week though…
A week ago after church Joe and the girls wanted to go out for lunch. Subway was the chosen place (I find it incredibly hard to eat out these days) for a total of $25.17. This past Friday, our youngest girl turned 13. For her birthday dinner she asked for sushi. I tried my hand at making it. Sushi ingredients (and stuff for dinner that night) came up to $31.38. Joe and the girls liked the sushi so much that they asked me to make it again on Saturday. Another stop at the store for sushi ingredients (I had some leftover) totalled $20.02 ($5.98 of that was for naturally smoked salmon on sale that I stashed in the freezer).
Last but not least, our Beef CSA was delivered. This month we received 3 pounds of hamburger, 1 large roast, 2 sirloin tip steaks and 2 rib eye steaks (RIB EYE!) for our usual cost of $50. The rib eye’s were put in as a treat for Christmas. That’s a pretty nice treat!
My previous food total for December was $84.97
Adding in the most recent purchases brings us to a December running total of $211.54. I’ll be adding to that this week with my order from Azure Standard and my cow share (raw milk) will come due. Plus I’m sure there will be other purchases and we haven’t yet decided what we are having for our Christmas meal (my sister and her family will be joining us) so that will up the spending for sure.
Tracking my spending and purchases has shown me a few ‘holes’ in our quest toward eating a nutrient dense diet. One night Joe asked if we could deviate from our plan and have hot dogs. He rarely asks for anything special for dinner so of course I said yes. What I discovered standing in front of the hot dog buns was that every single package had HFCS (high fructose corn syrup). One package said HFCS or sugar (which is it?) so that was the package I chose hoping it really was sugar. Then on to the hot dogs. WOW. That was a challenge. I ended up getting Hebrew National because they had the least offensive ingredients at the most reasonable cost ($3.28 for 8 very skinny dogs).
What do you do when you want something like hot dogs? Do you just buy them and say “Hey, I eat good most of the time.” Or do you have a proven brand that you are comfortable with?

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