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Essentials to a Welcoming Guest Room. | A few thoughtful touches can transform your guests' stay and lets them know you are thinking about their comfort. |

A few thoughtful touches can transform your guests’ stay and lets them know you are thinking about their comfort.

With Thanksgiving done and turkeys gobbled up, we at the Smith house are looking forward to Christmas with glee!

If you’re anticipating guests for the holidays, don’t forget to put a little time aside to make their lodging comfortable and homey.

A little forethought and a few thoughtful touches will go a long way to making your guests feel welcome in your home!

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A properly made bed

A bed made with care is immediately inviting, especially if your guest has come a long way to visit you! There’s nothing quite so indulgent as a freshly made bed with sheets that still smell laundry fresh!

Essentials for a properly made bed:

  • Fitted sheet
  • Flat sheet
  • Light blanket
  • Heavy blanket
  • 1 soft pillow and 1 firm pillow

I like my bedding and sheets to coordinate, so I tend to buy all in the gray/blue/white color scheme. So easy to mix and match, but still looks like a set.

Towels and washcloths

Provide a towel and washcloth for each guest. Set them where they are immediately noticeable. I have a nice long ribbon I like to wrap my guest towels and washcloths together in. It makes a convenient and pretty bundle for them to grab and take to the bathroom with them!

Bonus: you won’t have to explain where your linen closet is or point them toward the nice towels instead of the grungy towels. 🙂

Lighting by the bed

Provide lighting by the bed that has a switch nearby. There’s nothing worse than trying to navigate a strange bedroom in the dark!

Reading material

Set out a few books or magazines that your guest might find interesting, in case they didn’t bring their own reading material. Don’t go overboard, just a book or two will do.

Access to a plug in

Make a plug in available to them that is easy to access (especially for older guests) so that they can charge their devices easily.

Additional bedding/pillows

Set out another blanket and pillow out in case what you provided wasn’t quite enough, especially in the middle of winter!

You can leave this in a bureau drawer or in the closet and just let them know it is there if needed.

Closet Space

In the guest closet or dresser, leave the drawers and shelves empty so your guest can utilize that space if they want. Especially for longer visits, it is nice for them to unpack their suitcases.

Be sure to leave some hangers in the closet for them as well!

Welcome Baskets

Essentials to a Welcoming Guest Room. | Provide a few items they may have forgotten. A little thoughtfulness goes a long way! |

Provide a few items they may have forgotten. A little thoughtfulness goes a long way!

This is a completely optional item, but one that I feel makes my guests feel extra loved!

I had many family members stay over Thanksgiving weekend and this is what was in my sister and her husband’s guest room:

  • This is just a basket I had already (no need to get super fancy)
  • A “Do Not Disturb” sign I found at WorldMarket on clearance (similar here)
  • Scented candle also found at WorldMarket on clearance
  • Lint roller
  • His and hers travel size deodorants
  • Wet cleansing wipes (for makeup removal, etc.)

I didn’t provide a basket for everyone who stayed with me (since some were on cots in open spaces) but my youngest sister let me know that she would like one next time! (Loudly, and often.)

I remember a Memorial Day weekend a year or two ago where my mom had all of us kids and our spouses staying with her, and she provided little welcome boxes for each of us (complete with lip balms, since us girls are always losing ours!). I remember thinking that was so thoughtful and sweet and that I would do the same thing when I started hosting. 🙂

More welcome basket ideas:

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Things I am going to add to my guest room in the future

  • A full-length mirror
  • A chair
  • More art!
  • Wifi password printout
  • A toiletry basket.
    • I have 1 small central bathroom with minimal counter space, so providing guests with a basket to carry their toiletries to and from the bathroom in might save some counter space!

Closing Notes

  1. A lot of people suggest leaving out q-tips, cotton balls, different toiletries, etc. However, I like to keep those in my bathroom anyhow for a “spa-like” feel, so no need to repeat items in the guest room!
  2. If you have repeat guests, consider just keeping a toothbrush for them. Write their name on the packaging and pull it out when they decide to spend the night!
  3. Keep it simple and thoughtful. Pick and choose suggestions. No need to spend a fortune or get stressed out by it.
  4. As you’re a guest in other people’s homes, ask yourself, what would make my stay more comfortable? Make a note for the next time you’re the host!

What about you? Any guest room tips or tricks you find yourself relying on visit after visit?

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