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Most of our breakfasts are quite quick since someone is always trying to get out the door. But on weekends or days without school or work we’ll have a more leisurely breakfast.

Pancakes are often requested.

Due to cost, we very rarely have maple syrup with our pancakes. Sometimes I’ll make Buttermilk Syrup but quite often we have Farmer Boy Pancakes.

These delicious pancakes came about after I re-read Farmer Boy  (<– This is an affiliate link. There are additional affiliate links in this post. If you make a purchase I may receive a commission. Your cost remains the same. Thank you!) by Laura Ingalls Wilder a couple of years ago.  Farmer Boy is the story of Almanzo Wilder (Laura’s future husband) as a child living on a farm in upstate New York. I love all of the Little House books but am especially fond of Farmer Boy.  Here is an excerpt from the book describing our Farmer Boy Pancakes which Almanzo refers to as ‘stacked pancakes’.

“Ten pancakes cooked on the smoking griddle, and as fast as they were done Mother added another cake to each stack and buttered it lavishly and covered it with maple sugar. Butter and sugar melted together and soaked the fluffy pancakes and dripped all down their crisp edges.

That was stacked pancakes. Almanzo liked them better than any other kind of pancakes.”


Crispy pancakes, butter and maple sugar. Yummy.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any maple sugar. I use Sucanat instead. With its delicious molasses flavor it gives the pancakes a wonderful flavor.  I always use my sourdough starter to make Farmer Boy Pancakes. This recipe from GNOWFGLINS is our favorite for Sourdough Pancakes.  It uses the sourdough starter without needing any additional soaking making a quick breakfast with no pre-planning required. I do make regular pancakes with this recipe not the giant skillet pancake.


This isn’t really a recipe but I’ll share what we do for our Farmer Boy Pancakes.

I mix up the sourdough pancake batter while I get my skillets hot.  I cook the pancakes in a generous amount of butter (to make them crispy).

As the pancakes come out of the skillet, I slather each one in butter and then sprinkle about 1/4 teaspoon of Sucanat over each. The next pancake goes over the top and the process continues.

Each person takes a stack of pancakes and tops with yogurt, clabber cheese or cottage cheese. Delicious!


What is your favorite pancake topping?

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