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A few of my favorite things - December 2017

Just a couple of ideas for Christmas gifts

One of my favorite posts of bloggers I follow is their “Link love” or “What I’m into right now” posts. It feels like I’m peeking into my best friend’s house to see what new updates she’s added.

So, I decided we’d start doing a monthly round up of our favorite things!

Hope you enjoy!

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Gilded Muse Candles

Absolutely a holiday must for atmosphere.

This Gilded Muse candle smells heavenly.

I found this candle while in Red Lodge, MT a week or two ago. Kibler and Koch has a wonderful display of candles in their store and I took a few minutes to open and smell each of them. This one called to me for its sultry, spicy scent that was equal parts Christmas-feel-invoking and relaxing.

Also, I just love the container. I will definitely keep it once the candle is used. You can find something similar on Amazon.

Bar Cart

Signature cocktails. Morning mimosa. Hot Cocoa bar. Endless Possibiliities.

Get guests out of the kitchen with a portable bar cart.

I’ve been thinking of getting a bar cart for a while. I found a very pretty one at Pier One, but also found a similar and slightly less expensive version at World Market.  My mom likes this one from Amazon.

I love that it has 3 shelves, so I can sort out like things onto the bottom two shelves and keep the top shelf for actually mixing drinks.

I got mine right before Thanksgiving so that guests could refresh their drinks without getting underfoot in the kitchen. In the mornings I set out Bloody Mary mix and Mimosa fixings so each person could choose their desired concoction. In the evenings I’d set out the fixings for our signature cocktail, a Cranberry Moscow Mule.

I still have my eye out for a mixology set.

Pentagon Cube Lamps

These adorable cube lamps are a chic addition to any bedroom.

Small, cute and tasteful. Let a little light in.

Also found at Kibler and Koch, these little lamps called to me. I love touches of gold and try to sneak them in when I can (much to my husband’s dismay). They don’t take up too much room on my very small bedside table (15″ wide) and the cord switch is easily accessible from the bed (very important).

I also like the play on square vs. pentagon. Very cute! Here’s a similar light on Amazon.

Blue Jacquard Skirt

Blue. Jacquard print. Pockets. The perfect skirt.

Be still my heart. This skirt makes me so happy.

I practically swooned when I found this skirt at White House|Black Market on Black Friday. I love vintage clothing and unfortunately am a little too curvy for most of it, so vintage inspired modern clothing is always a treat for me.

It has pockets! Need I say more?

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

This show is so funny. There’s a tad bit of nudity in one scene, so be prepared for that. Otherwise, it’s enormously clever. It’s created by the same people who did Gilmore Girls, so lots of fast-talking hilarity ensues.

I love Susie’s character and the juxtaposition against Mrs. Maisel. The family interactions are hilarious. I especially enjoy how each time Mrs. Maisel and her mother are together they seem to be drinking (sounds familiar).

Most of all, I love geeking out over the 50s outfits, Mrs. Maisel’s 50s housewife routines and her mother’s routines. I wish I could erase my memory of this show and watch it all over again! I hope they renew for a second season.

When Calls the Heart

I know this show has been around for a while, but I finally gave it a try a few days ago. It reminds me of a Canadian-teacher version of Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman. I love the outfits and the flirtations between the two main characters are adorable. I like shows that are simpler and have rewarding “everyone is happy” endings as a nice break from harsher, drama-filled shows. The series is available on DVD via Amazon.

These are a few of my favorite things. What things are you loving this month?



Another favorite, year around, is delicious sourdough bread. This one is so quick and easy with only 15 minutes of hands on time! Get the free and simple recipe here from Traditional Cooking School.

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