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Come see my faves for this month!

Sometimes life is about appreciating a few of your favorite things.


This handy website and app lets the avid reader (or wannabe avid reader) track their book consumption, rate and recommend books to their friends. I find this especially helpful since I read a lot and more than once I’ve found myself part way through a book I’ve read already!

One of my favorite parts is the “Want to Read” shelf, where you can scan or search for a book that caught your eye and bookmark it to read later. Also, it has a fantastic “Recommendations” section, so if you are in a particular genre mindset or “feeling” for what you want to read, you can search for similar books easily.

GoodReads is hosting a 2018 Reading Challenge as well. How many books do you want to read this year? I said 50 (at 7 already).

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An Organized Life

I love this blogger. She posts on Instagram daily, and her stories about how she organizes her life as a Stay At Home Mom is fun to follow. She embraces the tenants of Organization, Simplicity and Minimalism, all of which I love.

I also adore the phrase she uses “CEO of our home.” That’s such an inspiring way to look at housewifery. I love it!

If you need a home to aspire to, I’d recommend checking out her blog. Very minimalist, but without being frigid.


I’m not sure if this just came back to Netflix, or if it’s been there a while, but I’m back on the Friends bandwagon for some serious marathoning.

There’s something so satisfying about this show. People aren’t killed off; you know you’re going to laugh; and there’s always a kernel of truth to what is being discussed. Habits that annoy each other? Running away from commitment? These are all things that we’ve dealt with on some level and can totally relate to.

Plus, I think it reminds me of a simpler time when people actually connected with each other and had deep, life-changing friendships. That’s what we all want, right?

Vintage, new-to-me, Hat and Purse

There’s a great vintage store in Billings called Montana Vintage, right next door to one of my favorite antique stores, Yesteryears Antique Mall (a full 3 stores full of antiques). If you love vintage, and you’re in Billings, MT, I highly recommend a stop by! Not to mention, there is a fantastic little chocolate shop right across the street from these stores.

I like to stop in when my husband is getting his monthly haircut and peruse the racks and racks of hats, purses, shoes, dresses, crinolines, western wear, suitcases. Montana Vintage does a very fine job of acquiring all sorts of interesting pieces, presenting them by color or function. It really is a gem of a shop with something new every time I go in.

I’m not sure the purse has much of an interesting provenance, but the hat sure seems to. Made by Henry Pollak, it is a black felt hat with patterned stitching and a little bow at the front, which seems to mirror a lot of his other designs. I found an interesting blog post on Henry Pollak, where a hat enthusiast has tried to research more about this designer. I feel like a I own a piece of history!

#debtfreecommunity on Instagram

If you’re working through your debt free journey and you’re an Instagram lover, I highly recommend following this hashtag.

Mainly inspired by Dave Ramsey, lots and lots of people are sharing their tips and tricks for getting out of debt, how to follow the 7 Baby Steps, how long it’s taken them, where they are starting from, ideas for side hustles, etc. I especially love the posts with people who have gotten to BS3 (establishing a fully funded emergency fund) because that is one step above me and I find it so inspiring!

Instagrammers in this community I love: debtstoriches, debtfreeinsunnyca, smartsncents, conrad_inspire (this last one is #instagramfamous for funny debt-free memes).

Really good, light blocking blinds

Sometimes stress, anxiety and depression hits all of us and I had a difficult bout toward the beginning of the month. For me, that means sleepless nights because that’s when my brain gets really talkative. That’s when really good, light blocking blinds come in handy for naps during the day. It’s been so nice to be able to lay down over the weekend or during lunch to make sure I get at least a little sleep. Mine are Levolor cellular shades and they are a life saver.

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What are you loving this month?



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