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We started of the Week of January 29th celebrating Joe’s birthday (see how handsome he is!). One of our birthday traditions is that the birthday person gets to choose their food for the day.  Joe asked for Chocolate Chip Pancakes for breakfast. Buttermilk Chocolate Chip.  I have to say, this is a common birthday request. Chocolate Chip Pancakes are not something we normally eat. And while my family loves Sourdough or Coconut Flour Pancakes they look at regular (not soaked) Buttermilk Pancakes as a treat.  I use this Buttermilk Pancake recipe and just drop a few chocolate chips on the pancakes as they are cooking.

For dinner, Joe wanted to go out. There is a local steak house that he is quite fond of. Angel and her guy were able to join us.  One thing I like about this place is that they make their salad dressings from scratch. I had the surf and turf special. It was salmon and steak (there was a choice of three different fish dishes and 6 or 7 ‘turf’ dishes) which was quite good.  I’m fairly certain Joe had a good 43rd birthday.


Joe asked for a ‘treat’ this week. So I made these Cowboy Cookies. Oh MY! They are wonderful. Very moist and a great flavor.  Definitely a repeat.


I’ve been working on easy crock pot meals. I use my crock pot alot but tend to get in ruts with it.  I used to do what I’d affectionately term “Dump Dinners”. You know, where things just get dumped in and the crock pot gets turned on and 6-8 hours later a wonderful meal is ready. Okay, that is always how I hope it will turn out 🙂  These are similar to my methods for casserole, soup/stew and muffins where I use a basic formula instead of following a recipe. Sometimes we have some terrific combinations. Especially now that I’m combining some of the ideas from GNOWFGLINS Skillet Dishes into my Dump Dinners.  (Skillet Dishes is a full lesson from the GNOWFGLINS Fundamentals eCourse)

Speaking of Skillet Dishes,  I made a super tasty one this week using some wild game sausage, potatoes, cabbage and tomato sauce. The package of sausage had 7 in it. I used three in the Skillet Dish, two later became sausage and eggs and the final two rounded out a leftover style dinner. Christopher really loved that sausage!



A sad thing happened this week. My water kefir grains disappeared completely.  The last batch I ended up putting mineral drops in hoping that I could salvage them. But no go. I’m not sure what went wrong. I did all the things I’ve read to keep the grains healthy. Sucanat, egg shell, epsom salts and finally the mineral drops.  I’m going to order more grains but I worry that the same thing will happen. Ideas as to what went wrong?

Besides for my grains biting the dust, we stuck with our usual things of sourdough bread (2 loaves a week works out perfect for us), 1 gallon of kombucha, and clabber cheese.


I invited Mr. Linky to join us so you can share what’s been happening in your kitchen! Try anything New? Revisited an old favorite? What is Standard at your house? Or just share a favorite recipe or food topic.

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