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Woke up feeling good again. Not quite as much energy as Day 3, but still good. I need the energy so I can work on my from home based business and also prepare for town work tomorrow. Usually we go to town on Thursday. I leave early and go in and do business. Then Joe brings Christopher to meet me and we do any errands arriving home sometime between noon and 1. I’ve restructured this week to accommodate a dentist appointment in the morning. So I’ll leave here around 6:20, drop the girls off at the bus stop, and go in to do filing. I’ll leave there in time to make my 9AM dentist appointment. Joe will bring Christopher to me when I’m done and then we’ll proceed with with our day. I’m a bit concerned about the food aspect of the day. That instant hunger thing I’ve been experiencing tells me I need to be prepared. So today I’ll make food to last at least until mid day tomorrow. I’m wishing we had a few more thermos items since Joe will still need to pack his lunch also but we’ll just have to make do. We do have two of the black and red food thermoses in the picture so it might work okay. Not shown in the picture is a neat little silver bullet thermos that Joe uses for broth. He says it works wonderfully and keep the broth very warm. I’d love to find a second one of those.
Breakfast was okay. Antelope, leeks and tomatoes. We added one egg yolk to each of our bowls. The egg yolk was good.
For Joe’s lunch he took more of the antelope soup, a second thermos of roast beef with broth over it and the silver bullet full of beef broth. My lunch was the also the antelope soup that I had left on the stove to simmer all morning. It was so much tastier at lunch time than breakfast. I’m not sure if it is the slow all morning cooking or the fact that I’m retraining myself to enjoy a savory breakfast as opposed to something more carb laden. I do look forward to breakfast (because I am starving) but don’t really enjoy it. I’m hoping that will change.
Afternoon cooking to prep for Wednesday included putting more broth (beef) in the crock pot and a second crock pot going with a roast (antelope). Stage 2 allows casseroles and stews. I think from reading the book (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) and other websites that the casserole isn’t quite what I’m used to as a casserole. More of a stew cooked in the oven. I’m kind of excited about it though since it will offer meat in a way other than boiled. I’m thinking with the less amount of liquid it will be more on the roasted side. Using that thinking, I didn’t cover the crock pot roast with water like last time I made a roast, I just brought it up about 3/4 of the way. I’ll add veggies to it later and that will be Wednesday’s breakfast and lunch.
Dinner was chicken and acorn squash (recipe from this eBook), cauliflower, and sweet onions (also from the eBook). It was all very good! The chicken and squash were cooked together casserole style. I used hindquarters from homegrown chickens so the flavor of the chicken was terrific. This year to save freezer space we cut some of our chickens in pieces. I have bags with hindquarters, wings, breast and carcasses. I love reaching in my freezer and deciding which pieces I need. I feel like I’m at my own little grocery store! And I find it so much more convenient then just having whole chickens.
Overall, I had a good day 4. My energy was pretty good. My mood seemed steady. I did have a few cravings during he day but nothing huge and I was able to have a Detox bath last night (sea salt).
Joe seemed to have a rougher day. He came home tired and quiet. He was hungry for dinner and ate heartily. He is having a little trouble with his jaws hurting from chewing so much meat he says. I’m going to try to have a few softer food for Day 5 dinner in hopes that helps him somewhat. I am also going to encourage him to relax in the tub with an Epsom salt Detox bath. I read somewhere that the magnesium could help with joint pains including TMJ style pains.

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