GAPS Intro Day 7

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Meals and Mood

Woke up feeling great today even though I had very interrupted sleep last night. Fall has hit Wyoming and along with fall came the winds. It roared last night waking both Joe and I up several times. One time it sounded like a shingle or two peeled off!

Breakfast soup was 6 boiled chicken drumsticks with onion, carrots, zucchini, tomato along with the little bit of broth from last night’s sauce/soup. At the end of cooking a bit of fresh garlic and basil was added in. Into each bowl of soup a teaspoon of ghee was stirred in along with 1 Tablespoon of sauerkraut juice and 1 teaspoon of the actual kraut (fermented veggie is today’s new food). I meant to stir in an egg yolk but was a little flustered this morning. Joe had to go in to work two hours early so I was rushing to get breakfast done and his lunch packed along with several others things that all needed doing at the same time (I’m sure you know how that can be). Joe had two drumsticks with his breakfast, one went along with him for lunch (along with the rest of the antelope roast cooked on Monday and the breakfast soup), Christopher had one and Sierra took one for her lunch. I have one reserved for me for my lunch. For breakfast I just ate the soup which actually had a bit of ground beef in it from last night’s soup that was added.

My lunch intentions were the remains of the breakfast soup. That was before I burned it to the bottom of the pan. I was happy that the chicken drumstick was on top of the burned on carrots and totally unharmed. Due to the lunch ‘mishap’ I decided today would be a good day to add egg whites. Lunch was a duck egg poached in broth along with salvaged drumstick. I’ve mentioned that I’m not a huge egg fan but poached eggs I’m okay with. Usually I cook them forever until they are completely hard but following the advice in the GAPS book I cooked the whites through but left the yolk runny. It was delicious. I made Christopher one too and he liked it so much he asked for a second egg.

Dinner was good. Stuffed Peppers using a recipe from What Can I Eat Now? 30 Days on GAPS Introduction Diet along with cauliflower.

As the day progressed my ‘feeling great’ upon rising decreased. It wasn’t that I actually ever felt bad just kind of blah. While the last few days I’ve had a good amount of energy and have felt very calm and at peace today I noticed myself more anxious and lacking interest. I did have a little mini work emergency which could contribute to my anxiousness and there are a few other things going on here that could contribute to anxiousness. I do find myself wondering if my cookie eating from yesterday is also a factor. Definitely something to think about and pay attention to. Around 5 or so I started to perk up a bit and felt fine.

I’ve enjoyed sharing our GAPS Intro eating and I have to admit that ‘journaling’ in this manner has been very helpful to me while on this rather restrictive eating plan. But it must come to an end. I’ll be out of town for the week and while I may have occasional internet, I doubt I’ll have time to do any posting. I’ll try to do a recap after I return. I do have to admit that I’m concerned with how I can continue on GAPS Intro while away from home. I’ll be taking some food with me but will rely on restaurants somewhat also. Stage 4 does allow meats to be roasted or grilled and I’ll be moving to that stage in the near future. That will be very helpful! I don’t suspect that I’ll move forward any while I’m gone rather just try to maintain as best I can.

Millie Copper
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