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Our first day on GAPS went fairly well. I think my favorite thing to eat yesterday was carrots. I had planned to mash them but ended up just leaving them in nickels. At the end of cooking a little bit of fat from the top of a broth container was added to them which made them really great tasting.
Late last evening I made another soup with green beans, onions, tomatoes and antelope. With only sea salt as the seasoning I wasn’t sure how it would be but the end result was very good. I separated the broth and the meat/veggies into two different containers thinking the broth would be wonderful on its own as a drink. However, it was late and I was a bit tired and ended up leaving the broth on the counter over night. I’m totally bummed about losing that broth.
During the day I felt pretty good but tired. I did have a few times when I thought about different foods. With the children not on GAPS that does add extra temptations. Especially when two of the girls had picked up fudge from a shop in town the day before… I’m happy that I resisted. I did find myself licking the peanut butter off my finger when making Christopher a sandwich. Caught myself as soon as it hit my mouth. I found myself incredibly thristy yesterday. I couldn’t seem to be able to get enough water. Today, I’m going to pay attention to that so I don’t get too thirsty.
I did take a detox (die off relief) bath last night with apple cider vinegar. I was feeling kind of tired and achy but really not any more than usual of late. To be honest, on Day 1 I wasn’t expecting to have die off symptoms. However, last night while trying to sleep I was quite uncomfortable. My skin was itchy especially on my tummy and one of my ears and I would get almost asleep and then wake up with a start. I’m thinking maybe that was die off. I really didn’t care for it and at one point wondered if I should go eat some bread or something and if that would make it stop. I woke up this morning without the itchiness and feeling okay except with a bit of a stuffy nose.
Our foods yesterday were chicken broth with garlic, butternut squash soup (yum), chicken, broccoli, carrots and the soup mentioned above plus a ‘pate’ thing. We had broth 4 times I think with Joe having larger quantities of everything than me. Edited to add: I forgot to mention coffee. I have been trying to eliminate coffee since last weekend but haven’t made it yet. I had 1/2 cup of coffee with about 1/4 cup of hot water added to it to weaken it. Joe is not quitting coffee.
Today we’ve already had butternut squash soup, carrots and chicken. I have a beef roast cooking (all meats need to be boiled so it is covered in water in the crock pot) and a batch of antelope broth going. Still in the fridge is the meat/veggies from the soup mentioned above, 1/2 a quart of butternut squash soup, a very small amount of chicken and broccoli, over half a gallon of chicken broth and some of the ‘pate’. I have several different kinds of vegetables on hand to cook so feel pretty good about the meals that can be created today.
We added in our probiotic today. 1 teaspoon of sauerkraut juice each. We’ll have another teaspoon later in the day. I’m looking forward to seeing how today goes!
Photo Credit: bgolub on Flickr

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