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So we lasted a total of 6 days on GAPS Intro.  We knew from the beginning that it was possible we wouldn’t be able to do the entire Intro process so our back up plan was to do Intro as best we could and then go into full GAPS.  Last night we determined it was time for full GAPS.  A couple of reasons for this;  we have been  progressively more tired, today Joe nearly passed out at work and tonight my friend told me I look really bad as in sick. I feel sick! I know this is probably a sign of die off and that it is probably a sign to stick with Intro but the truth is I can’t do what is physically required of me each day in this condition.  Maybe if it wasn’t summer time things would be different.  Just moving the chicken water container takes a toll on me! I don’t even have a clue how Joe is doing is physically demanding job each day and working around here in the evening.

While I do say we are on full GAPS we are actually going to add back in raw milk. Gut and Psychology Syndrome by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride does outline a plan for adding in raw milk by following a Dairy Introduction Structure. We have already been using homemade raw sour cream and recently added in homemade yogurt. We’ll continue with those plus add back in kefir, ghee and butter plus milk for drinking and cheese making.

I’m not sure how long we will stay on GAPS. We’ll most likely stay on it a few weeks and then start adding back in soaked, soured and sprouted grains. For our family, when we stick with a real/whole/traditional foods diet for the most part we do really well.  But once we start to stray from it then things go bad. I do hope my little Lulu will continue to have relief from her tummy aches which was one of the main reasons we did this. And if not then it might be necessary to go through Intro completely but at a later time when we have less physical requirements. During the winter perhaps.

You can read my day to day thoughts during intro here.

I’ve started collecting full GAPS recipes. If you have a favorite GAPS recipe please share!


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