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Over two years ago I put up a post with pictures of my kitchen. In the post I mentioned that we were going to get rid of the microwave but then my adult daughter moved in so we kept it for her use. Since then, that daughter moved out and my oldest daughter moved in. The microwave stayed. On January 1 my oldest daughter moved back to Oregon. Now it is just the five of us and the microwave is out of here.

I hate to admit that I actually drug my feet a bit moving the micro out. I was excited to do it but then I got hung up on ‘how in the world I would heat up my heating pad thingy’. Granted I only use the thing once every six months (maybe more, maybe less- I really don’t keep track of it) but the night before the micro was to leave, I used it.

Seriously though. Do I really want to keep that big clunker on my counter just in case I’m going to use it? And since I don’t want any food or beverage heated in the microwave and having the thing there is a temptation especially for my husband (coffee warm up) and Kiki and Lulu (who really don’t understand why we have to be so ‘old fashioned’ and not use a microwave) and to be quite honest, myself. Because let’s face it, the microwave does have a major convenience factor.

I bit the bullet and now it is gone. Not completely gone though, I just moved it to a storage area until it can leave the house. My counter space is HUGE. Of course, it only took about 5 minutes for other stuff to be put there. I’m sure you know how that goes.

Thinking about ditching the microwave but not sure how to heat up foods? Here is a great article to help you with that.

Yeah or Nay on the microwave at your house? Why?
Photo: My kitchen circa November 2009- it still looks the same minus the microwave

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