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One of my real life friends shared a great grain-free breakfast treat.  She calls it Almond Flour Pudding.  She says she’s been making it for some time and picked it up somewhere but doesn’t remember where. An Internet search yielded a few ‘Almond Pudding’ results but none quite like this incredibly simple version.  I have actually changed it slightly from my friend’s version.  She had mentioned that it burnt easily with the way she made it, this way still needs monitoring but doesn’t seem to burn quit so easily. Plus I increased the amounts since we are apparently much bigger eaters than my friend. 🙂

The instructions are for one hearty serving. Scale up as needed. For our little guy (age 3) I do about half on the almond meal and honey but still use a whole egg. For a lighter eater, you could scale it down as I do for our boy.

Almond Meal Pudding (makes 1 hearty serving)

1 cup Almond Meal
1/3 cup water
1 teaspoon (more or less) honey
1 egg
Dash of vanilla

Almond Meal Pudding Consistency Before Cooking

Choose a heavy bottom pan. To help prevent scalding, rinse the pan with cold water. Mix almond meal and water in pan. You want a thickish consistency but not too thick. Add more water a teaspoon at a time if too thick (see photo). Add your honey.

Crack your egg(s) in a heat proof bowl and beat to mix well. Once that is done, turn on the heat to your almond/water/honey mixture to medium low. Heat stirring often. When it is hot and beginning to bubble turn to low.

Now you want to temper your eggs. Add a ladle full of the hot almond meal to the eggs and stir well. Add another ladle. The egg temperature should have risen enough that when you add the eggs to the almond meal they won’t curdle. Stir while adding in the tempered eggs.

Almond Meal Pudding After Cooking

Turn off the heat and add your vanilla.

Serve as is or topped with butter, cream (or milk) and chopped fresh fruit (if desired).

I love this not just for breakfast, but also as a great snack or even a not too sweet dessert.


Need a no-cook option for this tasty dish? Try Almond Meal Pudding- Hotel Room Style.


Cost Analysis:

Almond meal/flour is not an inexpensive ingredient.  Pricing locally, it scared me. I couldn’t find it for less than $9 per pound (ouch). Azure Standard does offer it at a much more reasonable price. A 5 pound bag ends up being $3.84 per pound (today’s price, it seems to fluctuate and I paid less than that in November).

At $3.84 per pound and using this guide from Bob’s Red Mill that says there are about 4 cups per pound this is how the cost analysis looks per hearty serving.

1 cup almond meal= .96
water= no charge(?)
1 egg= .25 (at $3 per dozen)
1 teaspoon honey= .04
Dash of vanilla=.05 (maybe, my dashes might be a little big)

$1.30 per serving brings it in at an amount higher than I like for our breakfasts to cost. But it isn’t something we have everyday and is a nice change of pace to our old standby of fried egg breakfast (fried eggs don’t actually end up much less since Joe likes to eat 5 for breakfast by himself…) plus it makes a great hot meal that requires no soaking or thinking ahead.  Not to mention that almonds are an excellent source of protein, magnesium and a great fat.  I guess you could say this Almond Meal Pudding is a ‘healthy’ fast food.

Edited to add: I meant to mention that I keep meaning to make my own almond meal out of Crispy Almonds which are soaked and then dehydrated. If you do this, let me know how that works out for you. Do you take the skins off the almonds or just whirl it all up?

I’m sharing this recipe at Monday Mania hosted by The Healthy Home Economist.

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