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This year, instead of Harvest Festivals, Halloween Parties, Haunted Houses, or door-to-door trick or treating, most families will be staying home. If you’re looking for some great ideas for a day or evening of family fun, I’ve got you covered!

Halloween at Home Ideas

When I lived in Portland, Oregon, our church held a Harvest Festival each Halloween. The Sunday School classrooms, cafeteria, and other areas were turned into festive party rooms. There was a cake walk, fishing game, apple bob, and more. Everyone would show up in costumes, wander from room to room gathering prizes and candy, and have a wonderful time. I loved the Harvest Festival and always look for something similar in our current celebrations. My Halloween at home activities reminds me of those fun times.


Halloween at Home Activities


Halloween Food Ideas


Design a Muffin


Homemade Cracker Jacks




A friend told me about Shekinah–a Halloween alternative in Celebration of Light and Love. They decorate the yard, porch, and windows with white lights; turn on all of their house lights; eat white foods with white table settings, table cloths, and placemats; wear white clothes; and play soft music and then have a hymn sing-along after dinner. They read scriptures and maybe play a few board games before the evening ends. The idea is to bring light, rather than darkness, to the neighborhood.

What are your Halloween at home ideas? Let me know in the comments below!

Halloween at Home Ideas

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