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I’m going to let you in on a secret. I’m a huge fan of beans of all sorts. Oh! You already knew that? I guess it’s not much of a secret since the bulk of the recipes on this blog are bean related, and I even have a book all about beans. Okay, so it’s no secret I love beans. Especially black beans. Soft, creamy, and mild, they are the perfect vehicle for a variety of spices. Full of vitamins and fiber, they provide a wonderful, wholesome, filling meal. There are endless possibilities for healthy black bean recipes.

Delicious & Healthy Black Bean Recipes

My early experiences with black beans were almost thirty years ago when I dabbled with being a vegetarian. An experienced vegetarian friend introduced me to black beans. The dabbling only lasted a few weeks, but black beans have remained a part of my diet since then.

While black beans from a can are an easy choice, I prefer to cook mine from scratch. Soaking the beans for maximum digestibility, then slow cooking to bring out all of their creamy goodness, results in a flavor not duplicated in any tin container.

It takes a little extra time, but it so worth it! Leftovers can be stashed in the freezer for quick beans anytime. While I do still keep a few cans in my pantry for those days I fail to plan ahead, fresh-cooked black beans are definitely the best.

How to Cook Dry Black Beans

Are you overwhelmed with the idea of cooking beans from scratch? Check out my article How to Cook Dry Beans – 6 Different Ways for step-by-step instructions to eliminate the confusion. It’s a lot easier than you think!

Delicious & Healthy Black Bean Recipes

While I am sharing links to recipes here, I should tell you that many times I don’t use a recipe when putting our meals together. I create the dishes while standing at the stove. I do have several basic formulas that I use for common dishes, which I share in my eBook Design a Dish. I find that formula cooking is one of the best ways to make the most of our food budget. Use these healthy black bean recipes as a guide or starting point, then make them your own!


Want More Delicious Bean Recipes?

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What are your favorite black bean recipes?

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