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Christopher and I are back in Oregon.  The company I work for needed me so we drove from our home in Wyoming last weekend. We’ll be here until next weekend.  Christopher (age 3) has been pretty good but I’m sure it’s not easy for him being in a strange place.  Food-wise we are doing okay. We are staying in an apartment above where I work so we have a kitchen. We brought along our crock pot which has been helpful. But we’ve also dined out a few times and eaten at people’s homes, we certainly are not eating the same as if we were at home.  I really should make up a menu plan for this week but will wait and do that after we restock food tomorrow evening. Right now we have some cooked roast beef left and elbow rice noodles that we brought from home.  Not much to make meals from!

Hopefully once I get back home my blog posts can become regular once again. In the meantime, you might want to look through the archives, 13 week menu plan or check out the recipe tab for Real Food for Less Money meal ideas.

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