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I think it’s fair to say, we all want to save money! Saving is easier when you approach it with a plan. Don’t worry about having the perfect plan to save money. No matter how well you think you’ve accounted for everything, something will crop up. The best time to start on your quest to save money is now.

How to Save Money in 2023

For the month of January, I’ve been personally focusing on saving money. Not because of any big financial goals or plans for a fabulous vacation, but because our finances needed a tune-up. With the cost of our expenses going up, up, up, and our income dropping, something had to change. The budget we created wasn’t working as well as it should. We’d also developed some bad financial habits that needed to go. Nothing big, but little cash zaps that had somehow snuck in.

January was a reset for us. As we’ve worked to reorganize our finances, I’ve shared some of my favorite tips and ideas. This post is a culmination of my favorite ways for you (and me) to save money in 2023. Please add your own money-saving ideas in the comments.


Recapping January Money Saving Tips

No Spend Month – How to Do It & Why You Should

Do you struggle with sticking to a budget? Do you give in to the temptation to spend money on random things you didn’t plan? Does money stress you out? It may be time for a major reset in the form of a no spend month! Click here to read more…


A Well-Stocked Pantry for Eating at Home

For my family, having a well-stocked pantry, freezer, and refrigerator is a necessity. We live over a half hour from the nearest town, so we try our best to stock up on things and prevent unnecessary trips to town for one or two items. Our well-stocked pantry, which for my purposes includes the pantry, cupboards, fridge, and freezer, helps us get meals on the table fast while saving money. My basic tips will help you build a well-stocked pantry of your own! Click here to read more…


Save Money Fast by Not Buying These Items

We’ve all been there. We made a purchase, which seemed like a good idea at the time, only to be struck with a major case of buyer’s remorse. Being mindful of our spending is a great way to not only prevent those feelings of regret but to save money fast. Another practical way to save money is to not buy certain items. In this article, I’ll share a few of my favorite ways to save money fast. Click here to read more…



Save Money in 2023 with These Resources

Save Money on Food


Money Management


What are your tips to save money in 2023? Leave a comment below!

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