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A few days ago I saw a facebook post by Cheeseslave stating “bone marrow contains 10-20 times more K2 than liver”. Sounds great but it left me with a few questions. Question #1- Why do we need K2? Question #2- How much K2 is in liver? Question #3- But how does bone marrow taste (because it doesn’t sound very good)?

Answer to Question #1: K2 promotes broad facial structure, healthy bones and teeth, a properly functioning nervous system, and robust cardiovascular health plus it could reduce the risk of liver cancer1 (read more about K2 here). Boy, that all sounds good.

Answer to Question #2: I wasn’t able to find any numbers as to how much K2 is in liver. I did discover that butter oil, fish liver oil and organ meats are suspected to have the highest concentrations of K2. Also mentioned as having high concentrations of K2 were fermented cheeses and Natto (fermented soy beans). I’m hoping that my beloved lacto-fermented fruits and vegetables also are a source of K2.

Answer to Question #3: For this one I figured we might as well find out. ‘We’ happened to be me and Christopher my food loving 12 month old.

Marrow bones after cooking

I had a bag of ‘marrow bones’ that I had received with my beef CSA order a couple of months back. I used the instructions in Nourishing Traditions for making beef broth and put my bones in a 350 degree oven. I cooked them about 10 minutes, then flipped them over and cooked another 10 minutes.

Marrow removed from bones

Then I used a butter knife and ‘poked’ the marrow out. From all my bones this is all I got (good thing it was just me and Christopher home). Alot of what came out was fat so I separated some of the fat out (the bones and fat went into the crock pot to become beef broth).

Open-Faced Marrow Sandwich
We kept it simple and toasted two pieces of sourdough bread, topped each with a little homemade mayonnaise and then smeared the marrow on top. OH MY! It was delicious. I was left wishing that we had more bones. I made us each another open faced sandwich of kefir cheese and kippered herring and Christopher gobbled up the marrow sandwich before he would even taste the cheese/herring one. I would say it was a hit.
I plan to order marrow bones again and next time hope to get larger ones. While researching this article I found tons of recipes for Roasted Bone Marrow including this one from Whole Health Source in which one of the commenter’s states ” Mmmm, marrow… It appeals on such a primal level.” I have to agree with that statement.
Have you tried Bone Marrow? What did you think of it?

This post is a contribution to Fight Back Friday hosted by Food Renegade.

1-Source: Cure for Cancer: Activator X May Be the Link

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