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Christopher and I arrived home from Oregon late Saturday night.  Overall our trip went very well.  It was a ‘work’ trip

Christopher and Sierra- Cannon Beach, Oregon

as opposed to a pleasure trip but there was some good times.  We were able to visit with Christopher’s Great Grandma and also see my oldest daughter (Sierra) while we were there.  My work went well and Christopher did a great job considering that he was in an unfamilar place and had to be well behaved while I worked. He did not get to play outside as much as he would have liked but did enjoy the recreation times we had.  Walking along the river was fun for him as was our visit (with Sierra) to the beach and the time we spent at his Grandma’s place.

The first week of our trip we did well as far as food went. The second not nearly as well.  At home, Joe and the girls also struggled a bit with more convenience style foods than we would normally eat.  I think we are all happy to be able to get back into our normal lives and back to our usual style of eating.  On our ride home, Christopher and I were listening to a book on tape (CD) and the book mentioned they were making a stew. Christopher said “mmmm. Stew. I want stew.”  I loved hearing that out of our 3 year old!

Sunday afternoon Joe and I went to town and picked up a very small amount of groceries to cover us until I do a better shopping trip later in the week. Today’s purchases were mostly produce. Since we keep a well stock pantry and freezer we do have plenty of food available. Having been gone for 2 weeks I do feel the need to do a good inventory before buying too many things.  We missed our Azure Standard order for this month with being gone but I put in a large order next month so that will be okay. I am a little bummed about it though since there is a good amount of produce available through Azure right now and I’ve not been able to get much produce locally. I had visions of fermenting, dehydrating and canning! While I was gone 3 antelope “magically” appeared in our freezer so that is good (okay, so not magically but through the efforts of my husband and daughter).

This week we are going to be eating goat. Our neighbor gave us several pounds of goat meat last winter. So far I’ve only cooked one package of it. It turned out okay but not great. I’m going to try again with a longer, slower cooking time and see if that helps since it was a little tough before. I’m hopeful it turns out good. I’ll stew all of the meat on Monday and then save part of it to use in a curry later in the week. I’m also thinking of calling it Chevon instead of goat so it might sound more appealing to everyone–at least Wikipedia tells me that market research indicates chevon is more palatable than goat meat. 🙂  We are also eating red beans since I have several pounds of red beans that I want to use up.

I’ll also be spending some time in the kitchen this week catching up on things. We usually keep things like yogurt on hand but while I was gone we ran out. I’ll make a gallon of yogurt. I’ll also be baking bread, making granola bars, ‘Lara’ bars and assorted other things.


Menu Plan Week of September 16 

Sunday: No menu plan– everyone was pretty much on their own

Monday: Stewed goat with carrots, butternut squash and potatoes

Tuesday: Rajma, rice, sauteed cabbage

Wednesday: Jamaican Curry Goat (using this recipe as a guide)

Thursday: Southwestern Haystacks (something like this, using only 1/2 pound of ground beef)

Friday: Chili (using the remaining 1/2 pound of ground beef from last night), sourdough corn bread

Saturday: Rice and Peas (based on this recipe) plus any leftovers


Have you cooked goat? What is your favorite recipe?


Kidney Beans

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