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At the beginning of January, I listed a few food goals that we have for this year. I thought in order to help me to stay on track with accomplishing these goals I’d share our progress with you.

Cut down on sweets
This is going pretty good, more by default than plan. I ordered Rapadura in December from Azure Standard and they didn’t ship it. So we have been using the very small amount of Sucanat that I had left and honey plus I bought a 1.5 pound bag of organic sugar. Since we have such a small amount of sweeteners on hand it has required us to think carefully before making things needing sugar.

Increase my chicken flock so we can meet all of our egg needs
This is still in the planning stages. I have been looking at hatchery offerings. I think I know what kinds of chickens I want to add. We also decided that we are going to have some chickens for meat this year (you can read more on that in this post). In addition to deciding what kinds of chickens we need to build new housing so I’ve been exploring different options for that too. Because I like to take on more than I should, we are also considering adding turkeys and ducks.

Have a garden
Also in the planning stages. We’ve been talking about what we want to grow and I’ve been exploring ideas for watering our garden (I love the idea of using Ollas). I think we’ll do raised beds since we have one bed now that we put in last year.

Eat food that gives us the most nutritional bang for our buck
I’ve been trying to plan meals with this in mind. I try to serve one of my lacto-fermented fruits or veggies with each dinner and also either offer water kefir, kombucha or raw milk to drink. We’ve been having alot of bone broth items in soups and gravies. And I’m still experimenting with chicken liver recipes. I could use some suggestions with this one. What do you think would give us the most nutritional bang for our buck?

Daily fermented cod liver/butter oil
Still struggling with this for the girls and Joe. The girls leave so early in the morning that I often forget to dose them before they go. And then when the get home it is snacks and homework and my mind isn’t thinking about cod liver oil. Christopher gets his dose almost every day when I give him yogurt and I take mine then too.

Joe and I would like to continue with the weight loss that we have started
I’ve lost 2 pounds since the beginning of January. Joe has not reported to me if he has lost anything.

Tell me about your goals for 2010. How is it going? Are you adding more goals or adjusting your previous goals?

This post is a contribution to Real Food Wednesday hosted this week by Kelly the Kitchen Kop.

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