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joplin-route-66In April of this year we needed to make a trip down to where my parents are living to visit and take care of a few business issues.
Originally we planned on being down there about a week and a half. A hotel room for that amount of time would be pretty steep. We considered tent camping but wasn’t sure about the weather at that time of year. I scoured the internet and was so happy to find a brand new hostel that was opening up just a few weeks before our scheduled visit.
We’ve never stayed in a hostel but I knew a little about them from when I wanted to go to Europe many years ago. The idea intrigued me and the price was right so I convince Joey it was a good idea and reserved our spot.

Joplin 66 Hostel is set up a little different than many of the hostels I’d researched. They had private family rooms that held three people. And since there are three of us it seemed perfect. I spoke with the hostel manager a few times via email to make the arrangements. I knew with being there for 10 days we’d want to try to have a plan for our food both to save money and help us not have gut aches, so asked about cooking facilities. They were so accommodating with helping me figure out how we could make this work.

Our trip plans did change and we determined we only needed to be there a few days. They were very gracious about our schedule change.

I was so impressed when we got to the hostel. While it had opened a few weeks prior there hadn’t been many guests yet and some of the spaces were still being finished. It was still lovely. And the care taken to decorate and make everything so welcoming was evident.

The history of the hostel is amazing. The original buildings got their start as the Volunteer Village that was formed after an EF-5 tornado hit Joplin, Missouri May 22, 2011. You can read more in the hostel’s website here.  The buildings are now remodeled and re-purposed as the hostel. The are located just off Route 66 for those making that trek and very near the Joplin bus station.


The hostel is set up with 2 separate buildings housing the sleeping areas plus the breakfast room. The restrooms and showers are separate (you can see these to the right). The building on the right has the family rooms and a small dorm room which sleeps six. The building with the door on the left has the breakfast room (that’s the door on the left) and a large dorm room.


This is the building we were in.


While not large, our room perfectly met our needs. The double bed was comfortable for C and me. Joey slept on top. The mattresses were comfortable. The room had a chair, desk and lamp. The hostel also offers internet. There are 7 private family rooms.


Restrooms and showers were just across the yard. The ladies restroom was painted in bright colors and very fun. The showers have individual stalls and provided a decent amount of privacy.


I was able to snap a picture of the small dorm room. This would be an excellent option for a larger family.

I had a tour of the largest dorm but didn’t get any pictures of it. This large dorm sleeps 24. The bunks are given privacy with walls separating them and curtains to close. There were storage lockers being installed when we visited. There are a few photos on their website that show the larger dorm. Look for Dorm 1 pictures. It’s great for individuals just needing a bunk or perfect for large groups. Shortly after our visit they had a soccer team stay with them.



A continental breakfast is included in the bunk/room rent. The breakfast room is a wonderful place to gather.

I didn’t get pictures of it but there is also a fire pit, lawn area and it is near a sports complex and just a short distance to downtown Joplin.

The accommodations were wonderful but even better was the reception we were given. We truly felt invited and welcomed. Sidney, the innkeeper, taught C how to do origami. We also loved visiting with Sidney, Pastor Larry, Judy and everyone else involved in the hostel.

I found this quote their Facebook page:

“We are not only going to treat you right we’re going to show you the love we have in our hearts for you. Remember…you come as a guest…but you leave as family.”

That is exactly what Joplin 66 Hostel is doing! We plan to stay with them again. If you are in Joplin, Missouri in need of an economical  place to stay where you will be treated right, I highly recommend Joplin 66 Hostel.

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