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Whew. What a budget busting month this was! Our spending plan goes from the 23rd of the month to the 22nd of the following month so today is the end of my July Budget. I had planned on spending $415 for the month on food divided between Azure Standard, Cow share, Beef CSA, grocery store purchases and dining out. When I posted our budget plans for the month I had already spent $216.86 toward the $415. The rest of the month kind of went down hill budget wise. I made one good size trip to the grocery store and spent about $65 (I’ve misplaced the receipt) and we made a few smaller trips that probably totaled another $65. Plus the week that Joe was on vacation we ate out three times for a total of around $85 and we took my daughter and her BF out to dinner after they got here from Oregon for $45. And I’m sure I’m forgetting some stuff. So let’s just call July done and move on to August. I’ll put up a post in a few days with my August spending plan and I’ll try to do a better job of tracking and sharing.

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