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I have wrapped up my spending for June. It is only June 24 but my husbands pay period runs from the 23 of each month until the 22 of the next month so I go off of that. For the month I had $505. I divided that up between Azure Standard, Beef CSA, Cow share, grocery store and dining out. After my second spending report I was up to a total amount of $471.81 which left me $33.19 to spend.

Where did I end up?

I spent another $24.87 at the grocery store which would have brought me in under budget BUT… on Friday night we went out for dinner to celebrate Angel’s 20th birthday. Her birthday was yesterday but with our schedule and her work schedule it just ended up that Friday was the best time to go out. Total spent was $68.32. So my total for the month ended up being $565. Over by $60. Not horrible but still over. And as predicted dining out was our budget downfall.

I’m on to a new month. I’ll put up a post in the near future with my spending plan for July.

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