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Week 13 of my 13 Week Rotating Menu Plan. I have to say that I have very much enjoyed this menu plan. It did take some time to get it set up in the beginning and we did discover a few recipes that need a bit of work but overall it has been great. And the real beauty of it is I can just start over at Week 1 and most of the ‘work’ of menu planning is done for me.
This week our Stretchy Bean is Kidney Beans or Red Beans. Making meals with kidney beans is a new concept for me. This is the second time that Kidney Beans are on my Rotating Menu (the other time is Week 7) but each of these are different recipes than from week 7. Two of the three recipes are brand new to me. Rajma is a recipe that I found on a bean recipe website put out by Bush beans. But since the time I found it the website has changed and I can’t seem to find the recipe on it (I’m glad that I had printed it off). But I did find another recipe almost the same here, with a picture that looks delicious! We’ll also be trying Southwestern Haystacks (also from the Bush bean site) and finishing up our kidney beans will be chili. We do like chili!
Sunday D- Leftovers
Monday D- Red Kidney Beans (Rajma) and Jeera Rice, sauteed Napa cabbage
Tuesday D- Southwestern Haystacks, coleslaw
Wednesday D- Vegetable and Venison Chili plus Cornbread
Thursday D- Salmon Casserole, Stir fry vegetables
Friday D- Braised Antelope with Carrots and Potatoes
Saturday D- Leftovers
Photo Credit: fritzmb

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