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Off-grid bathrooms often make for interesting conversation.

Because many of us living off the grid have to figure out interesting ways to bring water into the home we look for water conserving measures. Compost toilets are super popular in the off-grid community. This is something we looked into but in our county the rules for having a home compost toilet system were not something that could be easily accomplished. As a result we went with a standard septic system. This means we have a regular flush toilet.

A regular flush toilet is something that definitely makes my grown children happy when they visit. The fact that we don’t yet have water coming into the house does make the flushing a bit more of a challenge.


Because we don’t have incoming water we bring all of our water in from our cistern (with a hand pump) via jugs and buckets. So to flush the toilet we must first make sure there is water in the tank and if not refill it using one of the buckets.

As a result we often let our ‘yellow mellow’.

The other day my friend Amanda from Fresh Bites Daily posted a video right up our alley: Drought Report: “If It’s Yellow, Let It Mellow” (What’s a Girl to Do?)

Apparently her drought affected area is being encouraged to only flush when it’s not yellow… I love the tips she offers for helping keep the bathroom fresh smelling between flushes.

Be sure to check out the end to see Amanda’s cute little boy and his song. After hearing the song my little boy is now singing it!




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