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Have you started your list of New Year’s Resolutions? I’ve only made my list once or twice (many years ago) and to be honest, that list didn’t exist after the first week of January.

For the past several years, instead of resolutions I make goals.

What’s the difference between a resolution and a goal?

A resolution is a way of showing our resolve or will power. Such as; I resolve to lose 30 pounds.

A goal takes a resolution many steps further. Goals (to be successful) need to be measurable, achievable, and reasonable. It also needs a time frame and the large goal needs to be broken down into smaller goals or tasks. A weight loss goal might look something like this; In 2014 I’m going to lose 30 pounds (this is measurable, likely achievable and also reasonable plus has a time frame). I’ll achieve this goal by first cutting out soda pop, then cutting dining out down to one time per week and by exercising 4 days per week. I’ll reach by goal by dropping 2.5 pounds per month.

Make 2014 Awesome by Setting Goals Instead of Listing Resolutions

The weight loss goal is not a real goal of mine, it’s an example to show the difference between a goal and a resolution. I do have real goals and I’ll share a couple of them with you. I divide my goals up between personal, financial and professional. That works best for me. You may choose to put all of your goals together. My husband and I determine the financial goals together and some of the personal goals. I also discuss my professional goals with him since they can impact him too.


Fun Time: I noticed for a time I was super busy and working hard but felt like I wasn’t getting things done. A few weeks ago I broke my hand and needed to take things easy. I still needed to work but added in a break each day. I discovered that I was getting everything done much faster than I had been and my days were smoother with the break than without. I’ve now reworked my daily schedule to add in break times (not just one but a few) and have goals to use that time for ‘fun’ things that I never have time for. One thing on my list is to learn how to knit in 2014. I think I’ll start with these nifty looking knitting looms and advance from there. Another goal is to spend more time playing with our little boy. I tend to do projects and school style stuff with him but not enough play.

Organization: Just over four years ago everything we owned fit in a 23 foot camp trailer and a 10 x 12 storage unit. Since that time our stuff must have multiplied because our almost 1600 square foot house is now overflowing with junk valuable items that we can’t live without. Since we intend to move again in a couple of years to a smaller house (on our new property) now is a good time to simplify. I’m setting up a monthly schedule with a decluttering/organization goal for each month.

UnFrump: I hate to admit but I’m officially frumpy. I’m not sure when it happened exactly but over the last several years as I chose to become comfortable in my own skin I went past that and moved on to something else. For many years I spent lots of time and energy on my appearance. For many people that is a healthy situation but for me it crossed over to a bit of an obsession. After a time I decided I’d had enough. I could no longer keep up and to be honest our budget couldn’t handle many of the indulgences that I’d had when working full time and making a six figure income.  I decided that I’d learn to be comfortable in my own skin. And that was very good for awhile. Now it’s not good. Now I think I’ve crossed over to lazy. And that is not what is also not healthy. So in 2014 my goal is to spend more time on my appearance and take time for a little at home pampering. I loosely started this improvement in August of 2013 when I started “wrapping” (you can see my before and after picture in this post). My amazing results really made a huge difference in how I viewed myself. I tend to be an all or nothing type of girl so I still need to be careful about this going too far the other way. But I know this is necessary. This goal is a little different because it is measurable but it’s time frame is without end. I’m also needing to be conscience of my spending in this.  First on my list is a new hair-do. I’m excited about this!



All consumer debt paid off  by June of 2014. We’ll achieve this goal by  reworking our budget (done) and focusing our snowball efforts on paying off the remaining debt, also any additional income (see Professional goals) will go toward the debt.

Reduce amount owed on new property by 25%. Once the consumer debt is paid off, the money we were putting toward that will go toward paying of new property, also any additional income (see Professional goals) will go toward the property.



Diamond with It Works October 25, 2014- I’ve broken this down into monthly goals and what needs to happen daily, weekly and monthly to accomplish this goal.

Refine and improve my skills plus learn new ones to be as helpful as possible to my Virtual Assistant/Bookkeeping clients. I very much appreciate each company/individual I work with and have learned so much. These work from home positions are a huge blessing to me and my family! Again, this is another goal that is measurable but will continue for the entire year instead ending on a certain date.

2 new eBooks in 2014– I have a few books that I’ve started that I’ll complete this year. I’ve reworked my schedule to include time to write a few times each week.

Weekly blog post in addition to Menu Plan Monday and Simple Lives Thursday-  I tend to put my blog work at the bottom of the list (oops, I did that on the goals too) but really do want to share more often. I’m marking out my calendar to allow time to write and share a post each week. A few months ago I slightly restructured this blog to include more than just real food for less money. Changing our diet to be focused on real food changed our entire lives and it now all intertwines. I’ve been sharing more of our homesteading/small farming things over the past few months and will continue that along with other things. Food, Farm, Frugality, Family, Finances and More!

Homestead Projects

We have a list of projects to accomplish on our current two acres and also on our new 20 acres. These will get their own blog post at a future date.


 “You have the opportunity to give it your all in 2014. Get it started right!” ~ Dave Ramsey

What are your 2014 goals?

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