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We’re in a season without menu plans. Not having menu plans really is a challenge for me. I prefer to know what I’m cooking each day. At one point I planned not only the evening meal but also morning and noon! Yes, I have issues. 😉

Our meals during this time are very simple.  Our kitchen is unfinished so I don’t have a regular stove or oven. We’re using a small camp stove (inside with the window cracked), a large camp stove (outside), Sun Oven, Instant Pot (IP), small Webber grill, fire pit, barrel cooker, and rocket stove. So we have lots of options for cooking! The trouble is the weather needs to cooperate for all except the camp stove and I only use the camp stove for heating quick items. I don’t like to use it for anything that takes time. If it takes longer to cook than perking our morning coffee I’m looking for alternatives.

I used to visit a blog that the people who ran the blog were growing the bulk of their food. They didn’t share a menu plan since their meals where based on what they were harvesting each day.  Instead every week or so they’d share what they’d been eating.  I enjoyed seeing what they were creating from their harvests. While we are growing very little of our own food I thought I’d share the foods we’ve actually been eating, and how they were prepared, every so often.

I do have a small stash in the freezer of pre-cooked things for the days when all I can do is a quick heat up on the little stove. Already cooked meat, broths and frozen veggies come in very handy.


Here’s a few things we’ve had in the past week (this post contains affiliate links), not everything we’ve eaten over the past week just what I remembered to record. 😉

“Healthy” uncured hot dogs (cooked on the Webber grill), cole slaw, barbecue ribs (from our neighbor)
Antelope (made a big batch of stew meat in Instant Pot) with mashed potatoes (outside camp stove), 3 bean salad, pineapple cake (made in IP)
Meat (cold, cooked antelope), cheese and veggie tray
Antelope stroganoff (leftover IP antelope, quick cooking on small stove) with rice (Sun Oven made a double batch)
Egg and cheese burritos (small stove)
Egg Flower Soup (this cooks so quick! small stove)
Potato Patties (made with leftover mashed potatoes, small stove), cold antelope chunks and applesauce

Precooked and ready for a quick heat up for tonight’s dinner – Lentils (save half for future meal) and rice (Sun Oven)
Also pre-cooked on yesterday’s sunshine day in IP for a day real soon – spaghetti squash and beef roast.

What’s been hitting your table lately?


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