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Some tips and tricks for places to find new friends ~

Ever wondered how to meet people in a new town?

Having just moved 3 states to a new town, I’m fully aware of how difficult it can be to build new friendships. Meeting interesting people who share the same hobbies is even harder! Really, all it takes is a little practice!

Salon Connections

First things first, find your nearest salon.

I usually would make a nail or waxing appointment and meet as many of the ladies as I can while I’m there. My hair I’m a little more particular about since I tend to do vintage-hairstyle friendly cuts and not everyone knows how to do those these days!

What to ask:

  • I like to ask what they do in their spare time, anything fun that I must check out, where to go to meet people, etc.
  • If they’re into outdoor sports like hiking, rock climbing, snowboarding, etc. I’ll ask them where the best spots are.

Just get the conversation going! In small towns, the ladies at the salon know a little bit about everything. (Makes me think of Steel Magnolias!)

Town Website

Take a look and see if your town has a website that you can investigate a bit. Often times they will list community events, open jobs and the like. You’ll also see if there are towns nearby listed on the same website that may have interesting activities or outings you can do.


Local Clubs

Alternatively, go check out what locals do in their spare time. Is there a Lion’s club? An Elks lodge? A Junior League? Get creative on google or just ask around.

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Facebook Groups

Check out the Local Facebook scene as well! If you just search for your town (include city and state or else you may get results for a completely different state!) public groups should appear. For instance, my little area has a wildlife group, a community center group, a whole bunch of school fundraising pages. Just take a look and see what’s happening. Are there local gatherings posted? Maybe go to a couple and check out the scene. Again, introduce yourself and get to chatting. 🙂

Google Maps

I like to take a look on Google maps at what is around. Is there a park nearby? A skating rink? A Pilates studio (oh man, I wish they had one in my new town)? Art Gallery? Just a couple of restaurants?

Go visit and talk to the proprietors, just introduce yourself to people and ask what sorts of things they like to do in town.

Get out and walk

Walking at the same time every day is especially an interesting way to meet people, because you often run into people nearby doing the same thing. We had a lady stop by our house the other day who has 3 Rottweilers, because she heard that we had one as well!

Wave to people. Stop and introduce yourself. Strike up a quick conversation and then let them get on their way. Before long you’ll find yourself saying ‘hi’ to these new people every morning.

Farmers Markets, Co-ops, On-farm vegetable sales

I love, love, love, geeking out at farmers markets and finding fresh foods. I also like being able to talk to people about where to get the finest vegetables and meats. If it’s local too, that’s even better! Find your local food source and get to chatting!

Even something simple like “Hi, I just moved here, I’m looking for ______, do you have a recommendation?”

Meet Your Neighbors!

The first thing you should do when moving in, after you’ve made yourself presentable after moving all those heavy boxes, is introduce yourself to your neighbors! Trust me, when the power goes out, or there’s a stray dog in the neighborhood and you’re not sure who to call, your neighbors will be useful! And often they’ll keep an eye on your place for you, if you’re away. Don’t forget, neighbors often make good pet sitters too!

What’s your favorite method for meeting people in a new place?

Invite your new friend back for coffee!

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