Menu Plan Week of April 7

black beans 8202012My little boy shared his cold with me. Joe took over all of the cooking duties over the weekend while I took it easy. I’m still feeling pretty blah.  I’ve made a very basic menu plan for the week. You’ll notice there are no veggies in the plan.  I was sick on my usual town day (Thursday) so Joe is picking up fresh produce today. I have no idea what he will come home with since we usually just look for the best buys at our organic grocers. I suspect there will be lots of greens since that is what there was last time we were there.

We’re having black beans as our Stretchy Bean this week. I’ll also cook a beef roast I found in the bottom of the freezer last week.

Menu Plan

Sunday- Ribs, rice and greens. Joe also made a chocolate cake.  It was all wonderful.

Monday- Meatball soup (this will be made out the few vegetables still lurking in the fridge, some dried veggies that I did last fall and bone broth along with meatballs)

Tuesday- Black beans and yellow rice (divide black beans for 3 meals)

Wednesday- Crock pot roast beef (divide for 3 meals)

Thursday- Bean and meat burritos (black beans and roast)

Friday- Creamy black bean chili (made with roast beef instead of ground), sourdough corn bread

Saturday- Leftovers


What’s on your menu for the week?


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  1. Keya

    Monday – 3 bean veggie chilli and corn muffins
    Tuesday – baked mac and cheese and fresh green salad
    Wednesday – Fried catfish, collards and rice pilaf
    Thursday – corn and tomato chowder with a side of roasted asparagus
    Friday – curried chicken with kale and quinoa salad
    Weekend – oh that’s daddy’s job!

    Thanks for the menus. There are some great ideas in here!

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