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This week’s menu plan actually features two separate plans.

On Saturday (December 1) I left town for my work and my family remained at home to fend for themselves.  Considering that one of my titles at home is Head Chef there was some concern that they all might starve while the Head Chef was gone -this concern was only expressed by my 15 year-old but was quickly followed with “I guess we can just eat pizzas”.   Considering I was gone for two weeks at the beginning of September and they didn’t starve or rely on pizzas I think they’ll be okay. They did eat pizza twice while I was gone that time– once from homemade crusts that I had left in the freezer and the other time purchased pizzas. And considering that Lulu and Kiki can both cook pretty well I’m not worried (much).

So for this week I’m putting together a menu plan for the family and a separate menu plan for me.  Some of the family’s foods will be stuff I make before I go, some of it will be more convenience style foods than we usually eat, and some will be things that are simple to cook. Part of the meal plan issue while I’m gone is the lateness of everyone arriving home. Sunday is not a problem but Monday and Wednesday  none of them will be home before 7:30. Tuesday the children will be home around 4 and Joe not until 7:30. Thursday the children will be home around 5:30 and Joe at 7:30 (I fly home that night– my flight gets in at 11:10PM woot, woot).  And since I’m not home to monitor the actual food being made, we should consider this menu plan to be rather loose. 😉


Family Menu Plan

I’ll leave premade foods that will carry them through the first few days. This menu plan actually carries over from last week’s since my plane left at 6AM on Saturday. I cooked a roast and made some meatballs along with a few jars of yogurt, cheese and sourdough bread.  I also have several jars of ferments in the fridge that Joe will put out (sauerkraut, pickled carrots, pickles, etc) as needed.  I took a look at this great article and video that Wardee from GNOWFGLINS did last year to spark my creativity of what to make.  Joe is also going to keep the bone broth going, I had suggested giving it (and the crock pot) a break while I’m gone but he really enjoys having it hot and ready.  Our little guy is staying with one of my friends (Hi Friend!) so Joe will take some things over for him to eat during the day time– he’ll get some of roast along with some things to be cooked like eggs (he loves eggs). I’m not putting lunches on the plan this week figuring that Joe and Kiki will be on their own for those (Lulu eats at school and C will be with my friend).  Breakfasts will also be left off. Joe will make whatever seems easiest for the day– oatmeal, yogurt, toast with peanut butter, eggs, etc.


I assume on Sunday with most of them home (Kiki works in the afternoon) that they will eat the meatballs, roast and whatever else they want such as cooking eggs. I also figure Joe will make chicken fry venison for dinner since that is his specialty.

Something like a taco/burrito made out the roast. Joe picked up tortilla shells at the store, there is a brand we like that doesn’t use rancid oils that is pretty good.

Since Lulu arrives home first she’ll make this Goulash. I precooked and froze ground beef for her to make it easier. She’ll also figure out the vegetable which will probably end up being something simple like a salad.

This night is up in the air. Joe will decide on Tuesday night if there is enough roast to turn into something or if a new plan needs to happen.

Kiki will cook this night. She has many recipe that she knows how to make and we should have the ingredients on hand for whatever she decides.  I arrive home this night.

Dinner: hamburger patties, oven fries, sauteed cabbage

Dinner: Taco Pizza Bake from Real Food Storage How To’s and Recipes by Cooking Traditional Foods (watch for my review of this book in the near future).



Away From Home Menu Plan for Me

Since this trip away from home involved an airplane, I wasn’t able to pack up as many things as I do for my road trips. I only did carry on bags and my space was rather limited. Other than one night in a hotel with my daughter,  I’m staying in an apartment with a full kitchen and several of the cooking utensils I am used to having at home.  Foods I brought along; lentils, oatmeal, elbow rice pasta, premixed dry ingredients to make coconut flour pancakes, toppers for oatmeal and yogurt (nuts, coconut, sunflower seeds), premixed spices for a few dishes, sucanat, and a travel size container of sea salt.

I was able to spend most of the weekend with my daughter. We had a light breakfast out at a little coffee shop (plain yogurt with granola and fruit compost).  We didn’t have time to enjoy any other meals together this day.  For dinner I stopped by a sushi restaurant on my way to the beach (where I’m working for the week) after buying  $36 worth of groceries at a chain ‘health food store’. My purchases were mainly protein and fat– 6 pack of eggs, plain yogurt, heavy cream, Kerrygold butter (which I had never had before and LOVE), ground beef, bones for broth, steak and cheese curds. Plus a bag of corn tortillas (only corn and lime), purple kale, green onions and bananas.

For breakfast muesli topped with coconut, sunflower seeds and almonds along with a banana. Lunch- ground beef in corn taco shells. Dinner- a slight variation of Slow-Cooker Sprouted Ethiopian Lentils from Simple Food for Winter.  The main variation was I cooked them on the stove top (no slow cooker here) and had prepacked my spiced at home to include dried onion instead of using fresh.  I actually started my lentil sprouts at the hotel on Saturday night letting them soak over night and figuring out a creative way to rinse and drain them the next morning. Things got a lot easier when I got to the apartment and had a colander.  I also used beef broth instead of chicken (I bought a couple of bones at the market) and have the meat to go alongside the lentils. I’m actually cooking this up as I type this and it smells delicious! I’m going to make some kale also.

Coconut Flour pancakes for breakfast– I brought along all the dry ingredients premixed so I just need to add the eggs and the yogurt I purchased. Lunch will be leftover lentils and kale. For dinner I picked up a cheap(ish) steak to make something like a fajita. I brought along some prepacked spices that will work for this and bought some green onions.

Muesli for breakfast.  Lunch will be lentils and/or steak from the night before.  I have dinner planned out for this night after a meeting.

Yogurt with topper for breakfast. I’ll make an early lunch before I need to head to the airport of pasta I brought along with a cream sauce and any leftovers that need to be used up. I’m not sure what I’ll do for dinner. I do have a 2 hour layover in Salt Lake City but I don’t really want to eat at the airport. I might pick something up that I can take on the plane after my meeting on Wednesday.

What’s on your menu for the week?


Photo: Lentils


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