Menu Plan Week of February 3

Winter view of town from 2 acres

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Winter View of TownFirst week of February. I am amazed at how fast 2013 is going.  Have I mentioned that one of my girls is graduating from high school this year? Kiki will be 18 on May 1 and then a few weeks later.  I also have a nephew (who happens to turn 18 today) and two nieces graduating this year. 

This week I have an appointment Monday evening. I’ll put together a crock pot dish in the morning and millet to soak in the rice cooker. I’ll start the millet before I leave. Yesterday Joe steamed a batch of greens for me while I was doing bookkeeping work.  A portion of those will be reheated with a large amount of butter, a little honey and vinegar along with sea salt and pepper.  Joe can do that at dinner time and add to the rest of the prepared meal. This week Joe will start working longer shifts while his co-worker is out on medical leave.  He’ll be home at the same time at night (7:30ish) but will go in earlier. Most days he’ll go in two hours early. But on snow days he’ll have to be there around 5:30AM.  That will make for a long day!

I broke a crock pot last week. I haven’t yet replaced it so at the moment I have only one crock pot. Yikes. We like to have broth available in the crock pot and I really like to cook our meals in it. So I had better get a new one soon! I have a couple of holes in my menu plan this week. On Thursday I think I’m going to make a test recipe for a new ebook that I’m working on. I need to pick up a couple of things at the market for the recipe and I plan to do that on Thursday when I’m out and about.  Saturday two of my girls and I might be out of town so I’m leaving that open for now.  If I’m gone, Joe will have leftovers and probably cook up venison steak (his specialty).

Sunday– Assorted appetizers while watching the Super Bowl

Monday– Design a Crock Pot Dish (from my eBook Design a Dish) over millet, sauteed greens

Tuesday– Meat loaf, mashed potatoes, roasted beets

Wednesday– Leftover meatloaf in a red sauce over spaghetti squash, sauteed greens

Thursday– TBD

Friday– Soup of some sort made with whatever is left in the fridge

Saturday– TBD

What’s on your menu?

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