Menu Plan Week of June 23

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This week promises to be busy and exciting. We are adding some new members to our little place. I’ll share more about that when they arrive. We have also had a secret ‘project’ of sorts that we’ve been pursuing which should finish up this week. And we’ll have the usual summer busy items including getting my 16 year old girl ready to fly to Oregon for a visit. I’ll pick her up later in July when I go back for work. Our garden is coming along beautifully and even though we had a small storm over the weekend that included hail we did not have any damage.

Here are a few things we enjoyed from last week’s menu.

On Father’s Day Joe requested hamburgers (we get our ground beef from a local grass rancher) with assorted toppings. We added sauteed mushrooms & onion, lettuce, tomatoes, avocado, and condiments. I made mayo for the burgers. I usually do that in the food processor but had read somewhere that the mayo goes together quicker in the blender. I guess I don’t have the right kind of blender. The first batch never emulsified. I tried it again and realized shortly into the process that it wasn’t working either. I ended up finishing that batch with a whisk. It was still delicious. The next day I made a full batch in my trusty food processor to enjoy on chicken sandwiches. I love the color of our homemade mayo. The lovely deep yellow is from our eggs.

making mayo

Later in the week we had our version of Majadareh which we all love. We were also able to get a few greens from our garden to add to store bought lettuce. There was only about a two cups worth ready but we got a nice assortment of beet and turnip greens along with a couple of micro radishes (thinnings that were growing too close together). There is more greens ready for this week.


Little boy and I also made a couple of loaves of bread this week.  When I’m making bread he usually wants his own bit of dough to knead. Then he’ll put it in a little dish and cover it with a cloth just like mama does. 🙂  In case you are wondering, that is not really a container of icing in the back ground. We get  buckets from a couple of bakeries in town for 50 cents to a dollar each depending on the bucket size. They do need to be washed out before they can be used but are great storage containers for bulk purchases.  And sometime I’ll have to tell you why my table has so many green paint stains on it…

Making bread

This week we’re still eating out of our freezer/pantry plus a little from our garden and purchasing as little as possible. I always shop our home first for our menu plans before making up a shopping list for the market. This works best for us.  We do shop to replenish the pantry as needed.  I’m also keeping this week a little bit loose. I know that I need to make a trip out of town one day this week but am not completely sure which day.  I’ll plan on using my crock pot a couple of times. I’ll make a big batch of black beans in the crock pot one day which can be several meals.

Menu Plan

Sunday- Leftovers

Monday- Fritatta made with eggs from our chickens and duck plus greens from our garden

Tuesday- Antelope crock pot dish

Wednesday- Black Bean Rice Bowls

Thursday- Black Bean Tostadas

Friday- Creamy Black Bean Chili

Saturday- Leftovers


What’s on your menu this week?

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      Hi Leanne,
      It is a lentil and rice dish. It is our version of Majadareh. I share how we put this together here under the Day 1 instructions. It is delicious!

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